Phone Broadcasting

Deliver pre-recorded notifications to your contacts in minutes.
Send recorded messages by phone to hundreds or thousands of contacts simultaneously. It’s the fastest and most economical solution in distributing school and college notices, political robo calls, emergency alerts, financial confirmations, service and delivery confirmations, and missed payment reminders. No need to purchase hardware or software.
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College and School Alerts

Contact students, alumni and sports fans instantly.
You can now broadcast phone alerts, reminders and notifications to thousands of school and college contacts instantly and simultaneously. Send pre-recorded voice messages to students, teachers and staff, and parents, for meetings, emergency notifications, school closings, health alerts, admission and payment deadlines, and alumni relations.
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Town Hall Teleconference

Speak directly with the most people in the shortest time.
Whether you’re at County Hall, the State House or Capitol Hill, you can engage your constituents directly with Town Hall Teleconference. Share your thoughts and hear first hand what people are thinking and talking about. Your virtual town hall meeting over the phone puts you in complete control. Not only can you invite tens of thousands instantly into your meeting, but your constituents never have to leave their homes. A powerful medium that is convenient and cost effective.
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Political Robo Calls

Broadcast important campaign messages to voters.
Get out the vote and relay important campaign messages simultaneously to thousands of voters by using our online robo call service. Fast, easy and inexpensive, it's the most effective way to target your district, county or state. Our best practices insure that your message is effective and delivered at the right time. We offer full service at no extra cost.
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Live Agent Calling for Surveys, Sales and Marketing Campaigns

There are times when you need a real human voice to make a call -- a live person who can provide real service and real answers to your list of contacts. Now more than ever, it's vitally important that your calls are placed by professionally trained American agents who can speak English clearly so your message is understood and appreciated. Our outbound call centers are exclusively American and our capable agents can speak one-on-one with your customers, members or voters. Whether your project involves surveying and polling, announcing the latest product, promoting an upcoming event or reminding voters that Election Day is upon them, we can roll-out quickly to engage your contacts in a friendly and personal manner that exceeds your expectations. Give us a call at 888-387-8636 and discover how easy it is to engage thousands of people over the phone.

Automated Surveys Get Instant Results

Want to get the latest "pulse" from your customers or voters? Opinions and trends can change overnight, consumers can be fickle, and influencers can come out of the blue to impact sentiments. That's why it's in your best interest to get instant feedback on what people are thinking today -- not what they were thinking two weeks ago. The most successful organizations stay on top of changing viewpoints by using automated phone surveys to hone in on reactions to breaking news, announcements, or to just get a feel for reputational awareness. At costs which are a fraction of using live agents, we can set you up quickly and get you the instant results you need to make your next move. Call us at 888-387-8636 and find out how easy it is to get started.