We are NOT Monarch Survey Sending You Annoying Calls

There is a company out there calling itself Monarch Survey that keeps sending annoying and repeated phone calls.  Their Caller ID is 972-525-4972.  We are NOT Monarch Survey and do not conduct business in an annoying or harassing manner.  They are hurtung our reputation!

We suggest you contact the FCC and lodge a complaint.  You can do it online by using this form.

Also, be sure your phone is registered on the DO NOT CALL registry.  You can register your phone number here.

f you are receiving these calls on your cell phone, that is definitely against the law.  If you are receiving these calls on your home landland, then you may have little recourse, outside of not answering your phone and getting on the Do Not Call list.  Still that is no guarantee since unscrupulous callers still have disdain for the law.  Hopefully, if there are enough complaints, they can be stopped by some heavy fines.

972-525-4972 - Are you Getting Annoying Calls from this Number?

It's NOT us!  Over the past few days we've received calls from people who have complained about receiving annoying calls from a company called "Monarch Survey" thinking that we are the culprits.  However, the calls are NOT coming from us.  We are Monarch Broadcast Messaging.  Moreover, we never perform survey services for our clients who keep calling the same number over and over again.

Your best bet is to file a complaint with the FCC, using this form.

As far as we know, it is not against the law to receive an automated phone survey.  However, you can still complain that the calls are being repeated unnecessarily and that you have not been provided an opportunity to have your number deleted from their list.  If you are receiving the calls on your cell phone, then THAT is against the law and you have a strong case.

We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and conduct our business in an ehtical and repectful manner.  Unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there who are giving legitimate companies a bad name.

Snow Storm Alerts - How to Get Notifications Out Fast

Getting walloped by Mother Nature?  Maybe we have short memories, but it seems like the snow storms and other weather events are coming harder and more often.

The key in mitigating the effects of a bad storm is to prepare for it and have your communications system up and running all the time -- that's what we can do for you.

If you are interested in sending out alerts, cancellation notices, or any other kind of weather updates, give us a call at 888-387-8636 and we can get you up and running in no time with our online phone broadcasting service.

As long as you have your contact phone numbers already listed in a spreadsheet, your voice message can be sent out in minutes.  Your recorded voice message can reach thousands of people in just a few minutes.  We can also send out text messages too, but the laws are more restrictive and so we may need more time to set that up for you.

We'll ask you to sign a one-page customer agreement which we can email to you immediately and you can return.  

All in all, our phone broadcasting service will enable you to reach more people in less time than any other medium.  That's why hundreds of our clients just log-in to our system from anywhere they are, record their message and press "send" to alert thousands of customers, members, students, parents, and anyone else they want to reach with important news about closings, scheduling, reservation changes, or anything effected by a severe weather event.
And weather isn't the only thing -- it can be used for any kind of emergency or whenever important notifications are necessary.

Don't be fooled by thinking you need to install some kind of internal hardware or system that costs thousands of dollars every year to maintain.  Totally NOT necessary.  In fact, there are NO overhead costs with our "software as a service" setup.  You only pay pennies per message delivered, and you only pay when you use the service -- which hopefully, may be never.  We've heard of some systems that have cost $85,000 per year and were never used.  A ridiculous waste of money.  The best alternative is our pay-as-you-go solution that enables you to send messages when and if you need to -- all done online and in the cloud, without installing any equipment or software.

Online phone broadcasting is by far your best option when it comes to sending immediate on-demand alerts to a large number of people, especially when you are engulfed in a weather or storm emergency.  Be prepared and contact us to set up an account (there is no cost to set up an account) and let's start working to get your notifications out so your contacts can get the latest information quickly and easily.   



No Wonder Voters Hate Political Robocalls - How to Follow the Law and Be Respectful

When the "silly season" is in full swing and voters are deluged with political messages from all sides, the outcry is totally predictable.  Voters hate the negative TV ads, they hate the onslaught of robocalls, and they hate all the politicians in general.  There's a time -- usually the day before the election -- where everyone reaches a saturation point.  They just can't take anymore.

The reaction is understandable.  Elections go on for way too long.  What people would like to see concluded in weeks, take months, and in the case of presidential elections, even years.

If you are a candidate, or work for a candidate, there are few things you need to consider. 

1)  Be respectful of the voters and the law.  There are several states where political robocalls have been banned outright -- California being the largest.  Make sure that you are familiar with your state laws and comply with them.  If you want to be a lawmaker, the last thing you want to do is start off by breaking the law.  Moreover, you don't want to be intrusive.

2)  Despite the backlash, someone will win the election and it might as well be you.  So understand that while your messages may not be well received, your opponent is in the same boat.  It's a question of WHAT your message is, and HOW you deliver your message.

3)  80% of the money you will spend on mass media, such as television and radio, will be wasted because most of the people who will listen to your message won't vote anyway, or can't vote for you because they don't live in your district.

4)  There are really only two forms of political communications that can target people who will vote (prime voters.)  First is snail-mail, which can be very effective, but also very expensive.  Most candidates send out large postcards.  And second, political robocalls, which are very inexpensive and can be effective if used the right way.

5)  Political robocalls can backfire because they can be very intrusive.  However, if you carefully time your calls to maximize the number of your messages that will be left on voicemail or answering machines, you can create and manage a very successful robocall campaign that does not interrupt or upset your voters' routine, and at the same time, will deliver a message that can strike a chord.

Whether you have to answer a last minute attack, or just want to thank the voters for their support and remind them about heading to the polls, political robocalls can be one of your most powerful and cost effective campaign tools that can turn the tide in your favor.  Just think -- if political robocalls are so bad, why do the vast majority of winning candidates continue to use them?  It's about knowing how to use the technology to your advantage and constructing a message that will be welcomed.

As an example, if you wanted to thank the voters and remind them to vote, this could be your script:  "Hi, this Mike Brown and I wanted to extend you my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the support you've shown me during these past weeks.  With your continued support and vote, we can win tomorrow and forge a brand new partnership between the people of the district and our state.  Again, this is Mike Brown, thanking you, and reminding you, to exercise your right to vote tomorrow.  Together, we can see new day for our community."

We've worked directly for hundreds of victorious candidates who have used robocalls very effectively because they have taken then time to plan, prepare and execute their campaigns with precision and forethought.  We'd be happy to discuss with you the key elements in launching a robocall campaign. 

Colleges Adopting Phone Broadcasting for Announcements and Reminders

We've seen a a dramatic uptick in the use of our phone broadcasting services by colleges and universities.  With so much activity, we sometimes wonder to ourselves, "How did they communicate before?"  Email had been used, and still is to a large extent.  However, the colleges are finding out that student and alumni response to phone broadcasted messages is much higher.  Apparently, listening to a college administrator's voice reminding students about tuition and registration deadlines conveys a sense of urgency that an email can't deliver.

The same is holding true when it comes to alumni announcements.   Graduates are thrilled to hear voices they recognize -- maybe a head coach in athletics, or a favorite dean of students, or even fellow classmates --  reminding them about upcoming events or programs of interest.  That's the beauty of the system and technology. 

Quite simply, phone broadcasting is sending a pre-recorded message to a large number of people by phone.  Look at it as a mass notification system.  You can now send messages to any particular college segment and get the response you're looking for because your call recipients will be more influences by a person's voice and call to action.

You might think that texting would be preferred.  However, recent studies have shown that up to 5-10% of all text messages are either delayed or never reach their destination.  The texting infrastructure is great at one-to-one text messages, but was never intended to handle a mass influx (several hundred or thousand) of texts hitting the system all at once.  Besides, cell carriers always give priority to voice communications over their bandwidth.  That's why in emergency situations, colleges are pursuing ways to overlap notification services with redundant back-up messages.  So for example, in a college lock down situation, a recorded voice message broadcast over the phone could come first, followed up with text, email and even announcements over the public address system.

How do you go about setting up a phone broadcasting program for your school?  It's easy and there are no set-up costs.  Just give us a call at 888-387-8636 and we can get you up and running in no time.

Of course, your most valued resource for this project is your database of phone numbers.  You can segment your lists anyway you want.  Need to send an announcement to your alumni in Florida?  Looking to let the students on campus know the big game schedule?  Maybe let parents know about Parent's Weekend?  Once you isolate your audience, you can format your phone list (we can help) and you just email it to us.

Next, prepare your script and practice it.  You don't want to be long winded -- just get right to the point.  We can record your message right over the phone.  And that's about all it takes to get started.  Your message will be sent to everyone on your list in just minutes.  We can play your message to people who answer their phones, and/or leave the message on their voicemails.

As a mass communications tool, you'll find phone broadcasting for college and university purposes is an ideal way to get news and information out to those who need it quickly.  It's convenient, inexpensive, and you can't beat the personal touch by communicating with a human voice.

You are welcomed to visit our college service page here for more information:  http://www.monarchbroadcast.com/schoolalerts.html


Phone Blast Voicemail: How to Deliver Messages Ultra-Fast

Broadcasting phone blasts to live people, answering machines and/or voicemail is the most effective, yet inexpensive way, to get all of your important message notifications out fast.  Phone blasts are just one of many innovative communication tools available today and one of the most time efficient ones as well.

This is one of our core services here at Monarch Broadcast, and we're proud of our track record in providing unsurpassed customer service.  We're ready to help you every step of the way in creating a blast voicemail program that will successfully meet your goals.  Give us a call at 888-387-8636.

Phone blast technologies
Thanks to today's state of the art communication tools you can get a large quantity of your messages out to your contacts simultaneously and in seconds. Phone blasting (also known as call blasting) can be used to send just about any message you want, including appointment confirmations, reminders, emergency notifications, schedule changes or cancellations and more.  Another advantage is that you don't need any pricey, complicated hardware, software or other equipment to initiate your phone blasts either because there are a number of services out there that will do it for you. 

The legalities of phone blast notifications
Phone blasts are prohibited in the United States when used as telemarketing or sales communications however they can be used if their customers have given them written permission to contact them.  In addition, phone calls that are intended for informative purposes (not calls) are legal. Informational calls include things like flight delays, school closure alerts, college alumni event announcements, etc.

Recipient identification
One of the most valuable features of phone blast services is that they have ability to know when a person picks up the phone, versus an answering machine or voicemail.  Based on your application, it's possible to have the phone blast system play the recorded message to the person who answers the phone, or simply leave a message when it determines and hears the voicemail machine's electronic beep.  In addition, you actually have both options available to you, and if you decide to call during the day when the majority of American's aren't at home, your system will be able to leave more of its messages on voicemail.  Leaving messages is actually ideal for most purposes because your important message won't be disturbing or interrupting anyone.  What this means is that when the recipient is ready to listen to your message it will be at their convenience.  This will also increase the chances that they'll listen to your entire message.

Set up
It's easy to set up a new blast account and it only takes a few minutes.  You also have the option of having us provide full-service, in that we can upload your lists, record your message over the phone, all at no additional cost.  It's completely turn-key, so just let us know when you want your message delivered, and we'll do all the behind the scenes work.  Morever, everything can be accomplished online for a fast, easy process and delivers excellent results.  Once you have your phone blast account set up, your list put together and your message recorded, you're ready to roll out your campaign and we can send your call blast at any time. 

Cost determination
Your phone blast costs will be based on the number of numbers that you have on your list, the length of the message, as well as the number of calls that are delivered successfully.  In most cases, it's better to pay by the minute simply because you will just be required to pay for the number of phone calls that were connected, instead of paying for every phone number dialed.  This makes sense because why would you want to pay for phone calls that aren't answered, are disconnected or they reach a number that is busy? 

You'll find that phone blasts are an effective, highly convenient, fast and easy way to reach thousands of people simultaneously and affordably.  There simply isn't an easier or more effective way to reach the people on your contact list today.  For more detailed information regarding our phone blast services call you can visit our product page here:  http://www.monarchbroadcast.com/phone_broadcasting.html

Best Political Outreach Tool: Town Hall Phone Conference

Over the last few years town hall phone conferences have become more and more popular, offering a fast and efficient way for elected officials to reach out to a large audience.  Within minutes, tens of thousands of numbers can be dialed to your target audience.

This is one of our core service offerings here at Monarch Broadcast, so if you are interested in learning more, just give us a call at 888-387-8636 or visit our product page here:  http://www.monarchbroadcast.com/town_hall_teleconference.html

In contrast to radio and television messages, town hall phone conferences can be set up to target a specific audience, such as primary voters.  This is a tremendous advantage when trying to utilize resources efficiently for constituent outreach, since cost per contact is significantly lower than other media channels.  In addition, the technology provides two way communication using question and answer sessions, which provides valuable insight into what your constituents are thinking.  If you choose, you can also use screeners, who screen questions to help keep the conversation focused properly.

You may also conduct live surveys during your call, with participants using their touch tone phone to select their answer choices.  It's also important to note town hall conferences are opt-in only, meaning that as the system dials thousands of numbers, callees opt-in to the call by just remaining on the line.  If they are not interested in participating, they just need to hang up.  Unlike radio and television, where there is a forced audience that includes many uninterested people who "tune out," a town hall conference engages people who are interested and want to listen.

Town hall phone conferences have become a widely used tool for elected officials to engage with their constituents because,

1.  It provides an efficient way to reach thousands of voters in minutes, giving them the opportunity to hear you speak live about the issues at hand.

2.  Comments aren't revised by media organizations to fit into brief sound bites.  You may discuss any issue and explain your stance without interruption or distortion.

3.  Your constituents will appreciate your efforts to engage them and show that their views and opinions are important to you.

4.  You will know immediately how your constituents feel about hot button topics, through live surveys and also from the questions they ask.

5.  Your constituents don't even need to leave their homes in order to take part (and neither do you!) This increases the participation rate over traditional in-person style town halls, and more people will ask questions and participate in polling questions because they will feel less self conscious. Everyone can participate from the comfort of their own home, and they will appreciate the convenience.

Bottom line:  Town hall phone conferences provide an easy and highly effective way to contact and communicate with your target audience and we stand ready to help you leverage this technology in your efforts to improve your outreach program.  Give us a call today.

Get Out the Vote: Political Strategies for Election Day Success!

The best strategies to get-out-the-vote (GOTV) for political campaigns on Election Day can vary, with several being used simultaneously.  There isn't just one way to encourage voters to get to the polls.  A variety of marketing strategies need to come into play, some more expensive and time consuming than others.  

Part of our job here at Monarch Broadcast is to help candidates maximize their chances by offering several communication platforms that have always proved to be effective.  Give us a call at 888-387-8636 and we'll help anyway we can.  We have many years of political consulting experience in getting candidates who work with us elected. 

Here are the top 3 strategies you need to keep in mind as you approach Election Day:

1.  Successful candidates focus on targeting specific groups with relevant messages.  Creating a targeted message and sending it to a related group (seniors, 30 something's, families) can go a long way toward making a positive connection within that group's subset.  You will want to keep in mind, however, that relating to voters' concerns is more important than doctrine.  For instance, sharing what you think about fixing the streets and local taxes will have a lot more impact than talking about general topics like the current debt ratio.  In other words, keep it personal and down to earth.

2.  Successful candidates focus their time and money on the individuals who are most likely to vote.  In order to do this you need to find out who your "prime voters" are that have voted in the last two elections.  This data is commonly accessible at election board offices.

3.  Successful candidates understand that the things they don't say are much more important than the things that they do.  You don't need to have the answers to every question or on every topic.  You just need to establish that you have the character and good judgment to deal with the unknown issues that may surface following the election.  Most important of all, always keep it cool and calm.  In other words, don't overreact, regardless of the temptation.

How successful your political strategies are will largely depend on your budget.  Well thought out television ads can be very effective, however they are also expensive and very few people who see them will, in fact, vote.  Another effective political strategy is targeted direct mail, however it can be pricey as well.

One of the most cost effective ways to target voters is to hold a Town Hall Teleconference which makes it possible for the political candidate to communicate with thousands of key voters simultaneously over the telephone.  It's also possible to for voters to ask questions.  In addition, this amazing technology allows you to take instant polls and surveys that can be used later to determine how individual voters genuinely feel about a wide variety of issues.  Simply put, you can obtain a report right after the teleconference and determine who voted yes or no on every issue raised or question.  Additionally, you won't need any software to hold a teleconference because the system's cloud service is available to you.  All you need is a phone line and internet connection.

Another strategy that is the subject of heated discussions in political campaign circles is the use of robocalls -- pre-recorded, automated calls that are blasted out to voters.  Studies have shown that it actually doesn't have a significant effect one way or another.  Success, however, depends on the quality of the message, the length and the time of day they are sent out.  Overall, despite shortcomings, candidates and their advisors keep using robocalls to respond to last minute attacks and to get out the vote reminders.

Political campaign strategies are utilized to manage the candidate's resources and time more effectively.  The best strategies usually end up being the easiest, most common sense approaches to getting the approval and earning the loyalty of the voters.

Pros and Cons of Various Political Communication Tools

Organizing a political campaign can be a daunting task with a thousand moving parts.  But with proper planning, and with the proper allocation of resources, you can increase your chances of victory.  As far as political outreach and mass media is concerned, you only have a few choices.  Here is a quick summary:

Traditional Press:  Are people still reading newspapers?  Well, yes, but far less than they used to.  If are in a big town, see if you can get to meet with the editorial board in hopes of getting an endorsement.  Other than that, newspaper advertising is very expensive.  Though most newspaper readers are voters, not all voters read the newspaper.

Radio Advertisements:  Radio stations will be happy to share with you their demographics -- the age, gender and type of people who listen to it.  So if you are going after the senior vote, you won't be putting your ads on the heavy metal station.  Audiences are limited compared to the whole voting population since people are turning to streaming services such as Pandora.

Television Ads:  This is very expensive medium, yet very popular with political organizers as well.  A good ad can be very effective, but a bad ad can kill a campaign.  Television gets high marks in building name recognition, but the message is scattered and chances are, upwards of 90% of the people viewing your ad don't vote, or can't vote because they don't live in your district.  Look at television as a shot-gun approach -- wide coverage but far from targeting your specific audience or constituency.

Direct Mail:  Another expensive way to get your message out but extremely targeted.  Using direct mail -- also known as snailmail -- can get you message into the hands of prime voters, those who have a history of voting at every election.  Prime voters are the holy grail in politics and the ONE group you need to focus most of your attention and resources on.  only getting to the people you want to reach.  Most political operatives have abandoned the idea of a "letter" and instead rely almost exclusively on the large post card format.  They are easier to handle, cheaper to mail and can make a quick impression.

Political Robocalls:  Prerecorded messages that can be sent to individual phone numbers by the thousands.  Generally, a fraction of the cost of any other form of campaign communication, yet can backfire if used indiscriminately.  Voters hate getting several calls, each from a different candidate, on the last day before election.  You can mitigate the negative aspects of robocalls by calling during the day and leaving as many messages on voicemail and answering machines as you can, thus avoiding the intrusive nature of the calls.  Never call during dinner time and some suggest that you don't call on Sundays either.  You can ger more tips on political robocalls here: http://www.monarchbroadcast.com/political_robo_calls

Town Hall Teleconference:  This is an amazing technology that enables you to gather thousands of voters into a teleconference at once.  It would be similar to having your own radio show, but over the phone. The online system calls each voter and invites them to join you in a virtual "town hall" meeting format. They can accept or decline.  If they accept, they can listen in to your teleconference, and if you want, they can ask you questions (screened).  If you want, the service can be interactive.  This quite popular with elected officials that cover wide geographic areas and much less expensive than renting halls, and performing the logistics of trying to set up a physical meeting location and time.  The use of this service, also known as tele-town hall, is growing rapidly.  You find out more about it here:  http://www.monarchbroadcast.com/town_hall_teleconference.html

Deliver Prerecorded Message to Thousands with Phone Blast Service

Phone blasting, also known as phone or voice broadcasting, can deliver a prerecorded message to large list of people very quickly.  From a time and cost perspective, it is considered the fastest and easiest way to disseminate targeted information to a mass audience.

It is one of our core services here at Monarch Broadcast and we'd be happy to help you get started. Just give us a call at 888-387-8636 and we'll fill you in on the details.  Or you can visit the Contact Us page at the link above or visit our product page here: http://www.monarchbroadcast.com/phone_broadcasting.html

Phone blasting operates under strict federal regulation and if you are interested in using this technology to improve your internal or external communication efforts, you should be aware of the laws.  We always suggest you consult an attorney familiar with the field, but here is a very quick summary:  Sending "informational" messages is permissible -- announcements such as prescription refill reminders, airline schedule changes, alumni or athletic event notifications, or any kind of updates that people have signed up to receive.  Sending commercial messages -- selling or product or service -- is NOT permitted unless you have an opt-in list of people who have expressly given their written consent to receive your messages.  Needless to say, the days of using this technology to indiscriminately call thousands of people with a telemarketing message, hoping that a small percentage will respond, are long over.  You can send telemarketing calls to business phone numbers, but your chances of making it worthwhile are next to zero because the person answering the phone is not the decision maker.  Political calls are generally permitted but you need to check your particular state's laws, since they vary from state to state.

If your purpose falls within the boundaries of the law, there are several huge advantages to using phone blasting as a way to get information out quickly.  You have several options available regarding how you want to approach your project.

First, we have a full service option that provides you a complete start-to-finish service.  You simple email us your phone list and we do your recording over the phone.  Tell us when you want your message to go out, and it will be sent at that time.  If you want our do-it-yourself option, we'll give you your username and passcodes, and you can do everything yourself.  There is really no difference in cost.  It's just about convenience.

Second, everything is online so there is no need to acquire any equipment, hardware, software or phone lines.

Third, you can target your messages and deliver custom notifications to different segments of your list.  Moreover, you can also set your preferences to have your messages delivered to people who answer the phone only, to voicemail only, or to both.

Fourth, unlike texting, phone blast messaging can convey a more personal and human touch.  People will be able to hear the inflection and emotion in your voice -- whether it is the enthusiasm for an exciting new announcement, the urgency of an emergency alert, or the solemnity of reporting disturbing news.  That's why it is the preferred way to connect with people.  So if you are the leader of a university, a leader of a non-profit, a leader of corporation -- let your students, members, or associates hear from you directly -- in your own words and voice.  Your message will have a greater meaning and impact if you show people you care enough to reach out to them directly.

Put our years of experience to work for you.  Give us a call today to begin your phone blast project and discover how easy it us to kick-start your communications program.