Faster and Less Expensive than a Postcard

What are the biggest advantages of the latest voice broadcasting technology?  Two words:  Fast and Cheap!  I can hardly keep track of postage rates, but I think it costs 23 cents to send a post card these days.  And then say it take 3 days to reach its destination.  Not to mention buying the cards, the labels, and the time it takes to process.

But voice broadcasting is MUCH different.  It's also known as voice blast, automated phone calls, robo calls, etc.  For a fraction of the price, you can now send information to THOUSANDS of contacts simultaneously!  Why spend days trying to reach people, when you can reach them all in minutes?  And if they aren't home, the systems can automatically detect answering machines and leave messages for them to listen to at their convenience.  For the right applications, sending pre-recorded messages over the phone is your fastest and least expensive way to get the word out!