Sending Recorded Phone Messages to Your Network Marketing (MLM) Organization via Phone Broadcasting

Call it network marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct sales.  Whatever you call it, it's big, and millions of people are drawn to it because it offers one thing -- opportunity!  But folks can be scattered around the country and around the world, and everyone in the organization needs the latest news and tools to reach their goals.  What's the easiest way to pump up the troops?  Sending a phone broadcast, of course.  That way, you can use an admired leader's voice (so everyone can hear the urgency and excitement!) to record an important message and then simply use our phone broadcasting service to automatically send it to everyone's phone, direct to their landline or cell phone.  Whether it's 1000 or 20,000 distributors you want to send a phone call to, it can all be done in a matter of minutes.  And if they aren't there to answer the phone, we can automatically leave the same message on an answering machine.  Moreover, it can all be done at a fraction of what it costs to send a letter or postcard.  New product announcements, bonuses, promotions -- you name it -- phone broadcasting is your best bet when it comes to getting important news out to everyone quickly and inexpensively.

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Capacity to Get Your Phone Broadcasting Job Out Fast

We have a lot in common with the printing and dry cleaning business.  When we ask new telephone broadcasting customers when they want their jobs to go out, they say "yesterday."

Well, we can't turn back the hands of time, but we can get new customers up and running in less than 30 minutes.  As soon as you decide to start, we send you a simple one page agreement form you fill out and fax back.  The form asks you for your contact information, your credit card data, and the phone number you want placed in your Caller ID.  (That's the number your contact will see on their Caller ID when you call them with your pre-recorded phone message.)

As soon as we receive that, your account is immediately opened and your phone blast can go out.  We can send millions of calls per day.  So, if you are sending a message to 5000 contacts, it will take just a very short amount of time.  While we can send out huge volumes in small time spans, the one thing you do need to consider is whether the local exchange carrier will be flooded with too many calls at once.  If you are sending a LOT of calls into a small geographic area in a very short time, be sure to discuss this with us so that we can recommend a call volume that won’t crash the local carrier.

Bottom line:  You can call us up the very first time and reach thousands of people in less than an hour.  If you're account is already set up, for emergency preparedness, you can get your messages out to everyone in seconds or minutes.  That's fast!


Leaving Your Recorded Message on Answering Machines

One of the most amazing pieces of technology involving phone broadcasting is the system's intuitive ability to detect a live answer from an answering machine.  In other words, it can tell (with 90% accuracy) when a live person answers the phone versus when a recorded greeting answers.  The system can be set to delivery a message to a live person only, an answering machine only, or to both.  When the system hears a recorded greeting it will wait for the beep to begin delivering your message.  And of course, your contact will hear it when they play their messages.

So either way, you're covered and are achieving the greatest level of deliverability.  It's one more reason why telephone broadcasting, or what many people call voice blast services, is becoming a preferred method of sending out important news and alerts.  Unlike sending a letter or postcard, it can be delivered in seconds, not days -- and it costs a fraction of a stamp.  In fact, every time postage goes up, our business goes up!  Thank you, Post Office!


Phone Broadcasting: Self Service (DIY) or Full Service

When you begin your phone broadcasting program, you have a choice to make.  You can launch the jobs yourself or you can have us do it for you.  There are advantages to both.  Generally speaking, there is little or no difference in cost.  Here's a quick run down on how each service works:

Self Service (DIY: Do-It-Yourself):
We give you a user name and password, and you log into your online account.  You upload your phone list (don't worry, we give you all the instructions) and recordings, and schedule and launch your jobs yourself.  This is the perfect system for schools, colleges, financial services, and others who want 24/7 access and complete control of their voice blasts.  You don't have to be a technical person to understand it or use it.  We can walk you through everything over the phone and you'll get written step by step instructions as well.

Full Service:
If you would like us to do everything for you, that can be easily arranged.  You just email us your phone list and we'll upload it for you.  Then, you have us call you at your convenience, read your prepared script over the phone, and we'll send your recording at the time you request.  That's the easiest and most convenient way to launch a phone broadcast as you will ever experience.

Give us a call at 888-837-8636 and we'll get you set up so your phone broadcasting service is ready when you are.


Sending Pre-Recorded Phone Messages for Fund Raising

Educational institutions and philanthropic organizations depend on donations to fund their organizations' business -- grants, scholarships, aid to name a few.  In these tough economic times, these entities are fighting for every fundraising dollar they can get.  Phone broadcasting is a superb way to reach their constituencies in mass quantities.  Whether voice messages are sent as a stand alone campaign or in conjunction with a postcard, voice messaging, or blast voice campaigns, are an excellent and inexpensive way to raise awareness of an organization's need to raise funds quickly.

Ad Agencies and Marketing Companies Use Voice Broadcasting for their Clients

If you run an ad agency, or a marketing or PR firm, chances are your clients have asked you about the various options they have in getting news out quickly for events, product announcements, even crisis management.  That's why more and more marketing and ad agencies are using voice and phone broadcasting to instantly transmit news to important contacts, providing needed and urgent updates.  With marketing companies evolving into a one-stop shop, voice and phone broadcasting will play an increasingly critical role, and become an integral part, of any campaign communications strategy.  As always, it's best to be prepared and get your accounts set up before you need them.  That way, you aren't rushing and making mistakes in the heat of the moment.  You'll be ready for anything your clients need with only a moment's notice.  Can you imagine how impressed your clients will be when you explain, "No problem, we can get a message out to everyone on the list in the next 10 minutes."