Best Practice: Contacting Thousands of Sales Agents with Automated Calls

Let's say you are the VP of a large insurance or financial company, and you're in charge of keeping your thousands -- maybe tens of thousands -- of sales agents in the loop.  What's the fastest and least expensive way to get news out to your sales force?  Phone broadcasting, of course!
Not only is it much cheaper than postage, but even better, is that you don't need any lead time to prepare an urgent message.  If something comes up at 9:30am, you can have your entire sales force of thousands of agents notified in less than an hour.  Is there some company policy they should know about?  A change in leadership?  Something that you want them to hear first from you, before reading about in the press?  Or maybe, just an event notification or reminder.  Whatever your application, you'll find using our voice and phone broadcasting services just what the doctor ordered when it comes to keeping the troops informed and up to date on the latest happenings.  Let's face it, the insurance and finance world are built on one thing -- information.  And the companies who can process that information efficiently and effectively have a huge leg up on the competition.

The Beauty of the Flat World in Phone Broadcasting

We're a phone broadcasting company in New York.  But for all practical purposes, it doesn't matter if we're in NY, or if we're voice blast company in PA, or CA, or TX or FL.  In fact, in this day and age of connectivity, we could be providing phone broadcast services from anywhere.  That's the beauty of a flat world -- telecommunications and the Internet have changed the speed and effectiveness of keeping in touch.  Remember the old commercial (back in the 70s I think) of that family receiving a long distance call?  The father says, "She called over 3000 miles just to say hi?"  Back in the day, you wouldn't call anyone cross country unless it was an emergency and you were ready to pay per minute and per mile charges.  Dialing long distance was a big deal, and chances are, you needed an operator to help you.  But these days, it doesn't matter if you are broadcasting folks in your neighborhood or around the world.  And with everyone carrying a cell phone now, the ease of communication has changed the way we look at -- as they say -- reaching out and touching someone.  

Automated Phone Call Reaches Thousands Instantly

It's one of the wonders of modern technology -- the ability to reason hundreds or thousands of people with a recorded phone message with an automated phone call. Automatic dialing machines are expensive and for most users not worth the cost.  That's why most of the automated phone calls are provided by service bureaus like Monarch Broadcast.  It's fast and much less expensive than buying your own equipment.

The term "auto dialer" can mean many things and is used loosely within the industry itself. It also goes by the terms voice broadcasting, phone broadcasting, voice blasting or robo dialing or calling.  You can record your message right over the phone, and use your computer to get online and launch your messages.  Or, better yet, we can do that for you. It's the convenient way to do a voice or phone broadcast project with the overhead costs that would make the whole idea cost prohibitive.

How to Comply with the Law for California Political Robo Calls

The California Public Utilities Code, Section 2874, states:  "Whenever telephone calls are placed through the use of an automatic dialing-announcing device, the device may be operated only after an unrecorded, natural voice announcement has been made to the person called by the person calling.  The announcement shall do all of the following:  1) State the nature of the call and the name, address, and telephone number of the business or organization being represented, if any.  2) Inquire as to whether the person called consents to hear the prerecorded message of the person calling.  And 3) The calling person shall disconnect the automatic dialing-announcing device from the telephone line upon the termination of the call by either the person calling or the person called.
So, in a nutshell, phone broadcasting or the placing of robo calls in California is very regulated, and not just for politicians who want to get the last say in hard fought campaigns.

However, there is a solution.  Without buying any expensive hardware or software, our Online Phone Dialer system enables you to have live operators call each number on your list.  If the person you are calling consents to listen to the recording from the politician, the operator pushes a button on the computer screen and the recording is played instantly.  While the recording is being played, the operator is already on to the next call.  It's the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to reach people in California and remain compliant with the law.  A perfect way to get your candidate's message to those who want to hear it!

Phone Blast Notifications, Crisis Alerts, Weather Event Warnings and Reminders

Phone blasting recorded messages is the fastest way to get urgent information to a targeted group of people -- period.  Whether you need to get emergency notifications to schools or communities, or send crisis alerts regarding weather events like tornadoes or hurricanes, using today's technology can provide you a practical and inexpensive solution.

Best of all, there is no need to buy equipment or hardware -- the infrastructure is already in place.  Just put your phone list in a database format, like Excel, and record your message over the phone.  Press an online button and thousands of your calls will be distributed in minutes.  If the call recipient isn't there, you can leave a message.   And you only pay for the calls that get through.  As much as phone blasting may be disliked by folks at home, when it comes to saving lives and property, it is a desperately needed -- and wanted -- service.  Better to alert everyone than to get complaints later like, "Why didn't you tell me?"

The phone broadcasting, or phone blasting, applications are limitless and can an essential part of your emergency planning efforts to head of disaster.  Now is the time to get set up and prepared BEFORE the day comes when you really need to get an urgent message out to everyone quickly. 

It's one of our core services here at Monarch Broadcast, so give us a call to learn how we can help you get started.  Call us at 888-387-8636 or fill out the "Contact Us" form you'll find at the top of this page.