Mass Phone Calls: Getting the Word Out to Thousands Instantly

What's the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to get information out to hundreds or thousands of people?  Using the phone, of course.  But you need a system that can dial out hundreds of phone messages simultaneously, and one that won't cost an arm and a leg.  Solution: A phone broadcasting service that can send out hundreds of recorded messages at once and that can be done without buying any equipment or software.  Why spend a fortune on hardware or software when the system is already in place and ready to use?  So if you are need of getting messages out quickly -- be it for emergencies, announcements, alerts, notifications, sales or marketing -- then give us a call and let us help you design an effective mass phone call program that can meet your budget and enable you to take advantage of the latest technology available today.

List Formats for Phone Broadcasting Jobs

The number one "how to" question that we receive regarding voice blasts, is "What kind of format (spreadsheet) do my lists need to be in?"

Without a doubt the most universal format, and the easiest to work with, is an Excel spreadsheet.  While many voice broadcasting platforms require specific column headers or sequencing of information, the Excel spreadsheet allows the data to be manipulated and saved easily.  So when you are putting together a list of phone numbers, either create it in excel or export your current list into an Excel spreadsheet.

Generally speaking, the only information we need are the phone numbers, so there is no need to include addresses and other extraneous information.  It is also extremely important to make sure that the area code and phone number are presented in the same column as a 10 digit number.


Phone Reminders and Notifications for Late Payments

In this increasingly difficult economy, many businesses are finding it more and more necessary to receive payments for their services in a timely manner.  Voice broadcasting has become a great, low-cost way to send a friendly reminder to customers that payment is overdue. It if far less expensive to send a brief voice reminder than it is to print and mail late payment notices.  Phone recordings should not contain specific information about each individual account, but rather are a general reminder that payment is due, and a contact number to call to make payment arrangements.  So when it comes to chasing that money down, remember to keep us at Monarch Broadcast in mind -- phone broadcasting could be the answer!

Automated Voice Messaging for Fund Raising

Educational institutions and philanthropic organizations depend on donations to fund their organizations' business - grants, scholarships, aid to name a few.  In these tough economic times, these entities are fighting for ever fundraising dollar they can get.  Voice broadcasting is
a superb way to reach their constituencies in mass quantities.  Whether voice messages are sent as a stand alone campaign or in conjunction with a postcard, voice messaging, or blast
voice campaigns, are an excellent and inexpensive way to raise awareness of an organization's need to raise funds quickly.