5 Phone Broadcasting Rules for Leaving Effective Messages

When considering the best quality in recordings for voice blast and phone broadcasting, it's important to be aware of the 5 important rules that add value to your messages.
1.  The first is, Keep it Brief.  Overly long voice blast recordings lose the attention of your recipients.
2.  The second is Record on a Land Line, not a cell phone.  This can not be overlooked.  Cell phone signals can easily be dropped and have more background noise, so parts of your message may be dropped or unintelligible to your recipients.
3.  The third is Introduce Yourself at the Beginning.  If you want to grab your audiences' attention, identifying yourself at the beginning of a voice blast message will go a long way towards focusing their attention.
4.  The fourth is Speak Clearly.  This should go without saying, but you'd be surprised how many people don't pay attention to this important item.
5.  The final is Be Concise.  If you try to deliver too much information in your voice recording, your recipients will be overwhelmed.  Decide what information is absolutely necessary to deliver and then stick to it.  Write yourself a script and then keep revising it until your message is as clear and organized as possible.

Monarch Broadcast Messaging = Outstanding Customer Service

Businesses are competing more heavily for customers and market share.  We're no different.  At Monarch Broadcast we have one hallmark that separates us from the pack -- our passion for Customer Service.  We admit we aren't the only ones who have the capacity to deliver quality phone blasts to thousands of people at once. There are other companies that can do that too.  Our prices are competitive as well. 

But there is one area we don't take a backseat to anyone and that's providing our phone broadcasting customers with the best personal service and attention, period.  When other voice blast services let you struggle with preparing your lists, we'll be right in there with you -- working with you ever step of the way -- to make sure your lists are properly formatted and cleaned. 

Our approach and attitude is both enthusiastic and very simple:  We treat you the way we like to be treated when we're dealing with our vendors.  We don't like being lost in a phone tree and pressing numbers on a keypad for hours trying to find help.  That's why the person who answers the phone here is going to be the person who can directly help you.  We don't need to transfer you to someone else who's out to lunch.  We're here, we're ready, and we look forward to serving you.

That is the main reason why our customers stick with us and are happy to do business with us again and again. Our surveys indicate that customer satisfaction is through the roof and it's a record we want to keep.  In fact, we hold our banner high and take pride in the attention our phone broadcast, email, and fax customers enjoy. 

Give us a call at 888-387-8636 and put us to the test!


Monarch Broadcast is Built on an SaaS Business Model

SaaS stands for Software as a Service.  That's exactly what we do.  We don't sell you a software disk you install on your desktop.  We don't have anything for you to download.  Why?  Because the software we offer you is already installed on our servers and we give you online access to it.  Some fancy folks call it "in the cloud" technology, because the software is out there somewhere -- in a cloud.
There is a huge movement to SaaS, led by Google, that wants to make traditional software obsolete.  Google believes, and maybe correctly, that the era of desktop software is coming to an end.  Instead, you will be able to get whatever software you want, anytime you want, just by going online and accessing your private account.
Well, we must ahead of the curve, because we've been offering an SaaS business model to our customers for years.  There's NO expensive software to buy when you do business with us.  NO contract maintenance fees.  NO upgrades.  Nothing!  We handle the all the software stuff and you just access it online and perform whatever phone broadcasting or voice blasting, or electronic invoicing you want to do.  You save a fortune and your life becomes much less complicated.  SaaS is simply a smart and convenient way to do business.  So give us a try at Monarch and see for yourself how hassle-free your job can really become!
Oh, and if accessing our software online is too much for you -- we'll do it for you!  We can launch all your jobs at no additional cost.  Just give us a call.

Pick Up Your Phone Once to Record Your Phone Blast Message

When the customer picks up the telephone, our service will be on the other end and prepared to record the message.  You can record the message, and it goes out to a list of telephone numbers immediately.  Our service can provide that for you, or you can access the Internet controls yourself from your own PC, laptop or anywhere with wireless access.
To be sure, when you record your message with us, we call you on the highest quality fiber optic lines to insure the best connection possible.  That being said, you should be aware of what is called Voice over Internet Protocol or (VoIP).  This viable method works to make and receive telephone calls with the use of broadband Internet connection, as opposed to a standard landline telephone.  The Internet converts telephone calls into data through a high-speed Internet connection, like email.  Furthermore, it comes out like a typical telephone call from the other end.  The great advantage of this service is that you'll have the capabilities to call anywhere and anytime for less.  The use of the Internet connection as opposed to the telephone line is less costly.  More features come with the broadband service such as call waiting, caller ID with name, 3-way calling, enhanced call forwarding and much more.
Moreover, inexpensive international rates are available so you can call around the world for less.  The use of the broadband service wouldn't have any effect on the PC.  You can continue to surf the Internet, send and receive any email without dilemmas while speaking on the telephone.  Your PC computer doesn't need to be on the service to work-the Internet connection is used, not the computer.  Once you're connected, you can pick up the telephone and use it immediately.  Best of all, the individual you're calling doesn't have to subscribe to the same service or any Internet connection at the side.  Only a telephone is necessary as the telephone rings when a person calls.

Phone Broadcasting Food Recall Alerts

Is it just our imagination, or is there really a new food recall announcement everyday on the news?  This past week, peanuts have been the culprit.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  If you are food manufacturer or retailer and are fortunate enough to have the phone numbers of your customers, phone broadcasting is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to get the news out about a recall.  We just got a call from Sam's Club about a certain product they were recalling.  Sam's membership system keeps track of what each customer purchases, so a product look up and getting a customer's number is easy.  Some large retailers have Shopper's Clubs that may have customer phone numbers.  However, you compile your database of phone numbers, once you have it, it's easy to upload online and launch your broadcast.  We can call a 100,000 numbers in less than 30 minutes.

Alumni Directory & Event Reminders and Outreach

Colleges have been reaching out to alumni for years.  And now high schools are getting into the act.

The best way send announcements for fund raising or alumni event promotions and communications is over the phone with a phone broadcasting or voice blast service like ours -- it's the fastest and least expensive way to get the word out.  It also works great for alumni directory reminders and updates.  So, if you are part of a collegiate or high school education institution and are looking for a new way to reach hundreds of your contacts instantly, give us call here at Monarch Broadcast at 888-387-8636 and we'll show you exactly how to save time and money and improve the effectiveness of your alumni campaigns.