We are NOT Monarch Survey Sending You Annoying Calls

There is a company out there calling itself Monarch Survey that keeps sending annoying and repeated phone calls.  Their Caller ID is 972-525-4972.  We are NOT Monarch Survey and do not conduct business in an annoying or harassing manner.  They are hurtung our reputation!

We suggest you contact the FCC and lodge a complaint.  You can do it online by using this form.

Also, be sure your phone is registered on the DO NOT CALL registry.  You can register your phone number here.

f you are receiving these calls on your cell phone, that is definitely against the law.  If you are receiving these calls on your home landland, then you may have little recourse, outside of not answering your phone and getting on the Do Not Call list.  Still that is no guarantee since unscrupulous callers still have disdain for the law.  Hopefully, if there are enough complaints, they can be stopped by some heavy fines.

972-525-4972 - Are you Getting Annoying Calls from this Number?

It's NOT us!  Over the past few days we've received calls from people who have complained about receiving annoying calls from a company called "Monarch Survey" thinking that we are the culprits.  However, the calls are NOT coming from us.  We are Monarch Broadcast Messaging.  Moreover, we never perform survey services for our clients who keep calling the same number over and over again.

Your best bet is to file a complaint with the FCC, using this form.

As far as we know, it is not against the law to receive an automated phone survey.  However, you can still complain that the calls are being repeated unnecessarily and that you have not been provided an opportunity to have your number deleted from their list.  If you are receiving the calls on your cell phone, then THAT is against the law and you have a strong case.

We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and conduct our business in an ehtical and repectful manner.  Unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there who are giving legitimate companies a bad name.

Automated Customer Satisfaction Phone Surveys

Automated customer satisfaction surveys is one of our core services here at Monarch Broadcast and we're here to help you every step of the way to get your set up.  Give us a call at 888-387-8636 to discuss your particular needs.  We'll put our years of experience to work for you.

You can also visit our product page at:  http://www.monarchbroadcast.com/phone_survey_polling.html

In order to provide the best service, many companies survey their customers after they have completed work for them.  Frequently, this is done manually by company personnel.  However, this can be time consuming and also expensive.  But there is a cost efficient and easy alternative -- using an automated prerecorded phone survey.

Surveying your customers by phone is easier than you think.  Moreover, you don't have to buy any special hardware or software to automate your phone surveys -- everything you need is already online and ready to go.

Polling customers is considered one of the most important elements in any marketing or customer service program and it enables you to keep tabs on what your customers are thinking, how your employees are performing, and what steps you need to take to insure your company is delivering what it promises.

Most companies who use the technology send out surveys after a service call to make sure the job was properly done to the customer's satisfaction.  Calls are made soon after the service-person leaves the customer's home or office to contact people when their experience is still fresh in their mind.

The process to set up a survey is straight forward here at Monarch Broadcast Messaging.  Following some simple instructions, combined with our superior customer service, we can help you design and prepare a survey that you can modify or use over and over again. We can help you with your script of questions, and your recordings, that can be arranged in such a way that will help your customers complete the most questions in the shortest possible time, preferably less than a minute.

Customers answer your survey questions by pressing keys on the keypad, to rate the service provided by your company, in an easy and intuitive way.  Whether you just have one question or many, the customers' keypresses will be tabulated in real-time and will be available in your call report.

Questions can also be formatted to include what the industry called "skip logic" or "conditional branching."  That simply means that the second question, for example, will be based on how your customer answers the first question.  So, if your customer is asked, "Do you like sports?" and presses #1 for yes, then the next question could be "What do you enjoy more, baseball or football?"  If the customer indicates they don't like sports, then the next question could be about a completely different topic.

Your surveys can be simple, or can be configured to allow customers to press a key to be transferred to a live operator or your customer service department for personal interaction.

Overall, automated customer satisfaction phone surveys offer you a tremendous tool in monitoring feedback and providing valuable insights into consumer trends.  It is the best way to get quick, accurate and reliable data about what your customers are thinking and understanding what they want -- two critical aspects of building a successful business.


Phone Surveys: Automated Telephone Polling and Surveys with IVR

Phone surveys powered by automated IVR polling and survey technology are becoming increasingly popular with organizations that are intent on quickly and easily gauging public and voter opinions on a wide variety of topics.  Experts believe it is the best way to "keep a finger on the pulse" of the people and latest trends in the marketplace. 

We offer automated phone surveying, which is a slight variation of traditional phone broadcasting, and is commonly used to determine consumer or voter feelings on product and/or political issues.  Not only are automated phone surveys easily assembled and executed, but they are a fraction of the cost of using live agents to conduct personal interviews.  Telephone surveys with IVR can also generate more results in much less time.  Actually, there is no comparison on a cost basis since automated "push" or "reach out" technology is dramatically more efficient than utilizing humans to do the same thing.

Better yet, companies, non-profits and political organizations, don't have to purchase any expensive software or equipment, or set up expensive phone banks to implement an effective phone survey program.  Phone surveying can be done in the cloud and can be purchased as a service on an as-needed basis.  Set-up costs are very small and campaigns can be implemented within hours with results immediately available in real-time.

The most popular application for phone surveying is for compiling instant polling data for political organizations and candidates.  Campaign surveying can provide valuable data that can used immediately to formulate long or short term strategies.  For example, you can determine quickly what the hot button issues are in a campaign, and what the strengths and weaknesses are in the opponent and in your own campaign.  It's important that your campaign can turn on a dime when circumstances and issues change.  Automated phone surveying is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to accurately judge your campaign's progress.

Our professional staff can help you design and implement an effective survey and polling program that will enable you to act on the latest "pulse" from your customers or constituents.  

You can call us today at Monarch Broadcast 1-888-387-8636 to discuss all your automated surveying options.

Mass Phone Notifications: Sending Recorded Messages to the Masses

Sending mass phone notifications to a list of contacts can be a simple and easy process.  By using our phone broadcasting (voice broadcasting) service you can save a considerable amount of money because our notification system is already in place.  We also have the capacity to reach thousands of your contacts simultaneously.

You can get more information about our service at our product page here: http://www.monarchbroadcast.com/phone_broadcasting.html

Commercial or sales calls are illegal, unless you have a permission based opt-in list.  Otherwise, sending out "informational" messages is perfectly fine.  An example of an informational message would be to inform passengers that an airline flight as been delayed.  Or a school is closed because of bad weather.  Or, reminding people about appointments.

While there are other mass notification services available such as texting (we do that too!) it is widely accepted that verbal announcements sent over the phone is a cost effective way to deliver mass communication notifications to a large number of people at once.

How are we able to offer you the best mass notification service with the lowest costs?  There are several reasons:

1)  We can provide you full service and work with you on your recordings and launching your jobs, at no additional cose.  We're happy to help you every step of the way, or, if you want to handle those tasks yourself, you can log on to the website with your passcodes and  manage everything yourself.

2)  Unless you are political operation, you don't have to pay in advance.  We'll conveniently charge your credit card after your job goes out -- you'll get a full report on the number of message delivered -- and email you a receipt.  Fast and easy.

3)  The quality of your mass notifications by phone is critically important.  We can provide you the most advanced, the highest quality system including intuitive features such as differentiating between live answers and voicemail.  (You can leave messages on voicemail if the recipient doesn't answer which will give you the highest delivery rate for your recorded messages.)

4)  We can also enable you to send automated voice surveys, where your recipients can choose multiple choice answers by pressing their keypads.  For example, "Did you like what you had for breakfast today?  If yes, press #1.  If no, press #2.)  Those survey results can be accessed in real time.

All in all, mass calling with phone notifications can be the best way for you to get important information out quickly to hundreds, even thousands, of people who rely upon getting up to the minute news.  Give us call at 888-387-8636 and let us know what you are looking to do.  We have the experience and the knowhow to provide you with the best advice on how to achieve the results you want.  We look forward to serving you.


Automated Campaign Phone Surveys: Get Political Polling Results in Minutes by Robocall

Automated campaign surveys are one of our core services here at Monarch Broadcast.  Give us a call at 888-387-8636 and we'll do our best to answer any questions you have and help you every step of the way.

You can also get more information by visiting our phone survey page directly at: http://www.monarchbroadcast.com/phone_survey_polling.html

The big advantage to having an automated survey is that there is no need to go to the expense of hiring an outside firm that employs live callers to compile results.  We can provide you live agents if that is what you want, but you can accomplish automated surveying at a fraction of the cost.  Look at it as an "interactive robocall" where your contacts can participate and have an active voice with their invited feedback.

Automated surveys can be extremely effective because rather than you telling your constituents something, they are telling you!  There is nothing more powerful than voters knowing that you are soliciting and acting on their opinions.  Office holders or candidates who are in tune with what their voters are thinking will invariably be the most successful at the polls and accomplishing their objectives.

There are a number of features and advantages of using automated phone surveys for polling purposes.  Here are just some of the reasons why think we excel at offering the best surveys in the business:

1)  You can use your own local number for the Caller ID, thus boosting response rates because people can more easily identify with the local number than a long distance or toll free number.

2)  Your survey can be custom-made to give you the data you are looking for.  For example, you can have any number of multiple choise questions (we recommend 4 at the most) with any number of different responses people can choose from (again, we recommend 4 at the most.)  Here is an example, "Good morning, welcome to our brief survey to help determine what voters are thinking.  It will only take a minute.  What do you think is the biggest issue facing our community at the present time?  Press 1 for taxes.  Press 2 for jobs.  Press 3 for potholes."  Once your contact presses a number on their keypad, they are automatically given the next question.

3)  Your survey can also include "branching" that would give contacts the next question depending on how they answered the previous question.  For example, if they chose taxes as their primary concern, you could have the next set of questions focusing on that topic.  Every contact can get a different survey based ontheir preferences and responses.

4)  Your surveys can be delivered in a recorded human voice, or as text to speech.  We highly recommend a human voice.  You can record your survey right over the phone and we can help you every step of the way.

5)  You can target your specific audience -- it doesn't matter how you break up or separate your list.  You can do it by geography, political affiliation, age, sex -- you name it.  You can get direct answers from specific targeted groups and easily compare how different constituencies react and respond.

We stand ready to serve you and look forward to helping you obtain the most accurate results at the least cost.  Give us a call today.