Message Broadcasting Offers Quick Solution in Delivering Notifications

You can send important messages to hundreds, even thousands, of people in minutes using phone broadcasting technology.  It's fast, easy, and best of all, can be done at a fraction of the cost of other mass media formats.

Delivering pre-recorded voice messages is becoming more popular because everything can be done online, without the need for any special equipment, hardware or software.  The field is strictly regulated and you need to abide by government standards.  For example, you cannot send telemarketing messages (selling a product or service) with the expressed written consent of those you are calling.  You need an opt-in permission phone list for that.  However, it is perfectly legal to send "informational" messages that alert your members, students, or constituents of important updates, announcements, schedule changes, event and program reminders, and other similar alerts.

Since there is virtually no lead time required, organizations can get announcements out within minutes. So if you are a school or educational institution, a non-profit organization, church or a private company that wants to communicate with students, members or associates, phone broadcasting could quickly become your preferred way to deliver your messages.

It's one of our core services here at Monarch Broadcast Messaging and we welcome your inquiry.  We are at your service to  help you ever step of the way.  Give us a call at 888-387-8636 or use the Contact Us link above to reach out to us.  You can also visit our product page here:

Before you get started on your project, you'll have several options to consider that we can discuss in more detail.  But here a few of the things that you should have in mind:

1)  You'll have a full-service or self-service option.  Generally speaking, there is no difference in price.  If you'd like, we'd be happy to handle everything for you -- we can record your message over the phone and upload your phone list into the system.  However, many clients enjoy managing their own jobs and once you get a username and password, you can do it all yourself, at your own time and convenience.  Whatever way you want to approach it, works for us.

2)  What is the Caller ID number you want to use for your message?  Federal law requires you have a legitimate Caller ID number displayed to those you call.  You can't use a fake number like 555-5555 or 000-0000, though a number of violators try to get away with it.

3)  You'll need to get opt-in permission for your message to be sent to cell phones.

4)  As you prepare your phone list, make sure that the area code is in the same spreadsheet column as the 7-digit numbers.  In other words, there should be 10 numbers in one column.  And yes, Excel spreadsheets work fine.  You can email us your list.

5)  Do you want your messages delivered to just people who answer the phone, just to answering machines or voice mail, or both?  The vast majority of our clients ask for both.

6)  We'll ask you to sign an agreement form you can fax or email back.  The agreement will include your credit card information so we can charge you after your job is completed.  We'll then email you a receipt.  (If you are a new client, we may charge you an estimated amount before your job goes out.)

7)  Decide when you want us to send your job out.  If you want to leave more messages on voicemail or answering machines, then you'll want to have the job go out during the day, preferably late morning or early afternoon.

There is no cost to set up an account and there is no monthly minimums, so it is to your advantage to plan ahead and prepare your message program early enough so you can approach it with confidence.

A properly managed phone broadcasting program can dramatically improve your communications with important contacts and will be an extremely cost effective method in delivering critical announcements to those who need the information.

Notify Customers of Security Breach Quickly

    If your business or organization has just been hit with a security breach, you will need to act quickly to mitigate the damages.
    Obviously, you probably have your IT Department plugging the holes right now.
    But what's best way to reach out to your customers quickly and effectively to alert them their data may have been compromised?
    The answer is phone broadcasting (also known as phone blast).
Sample Script for Security Breach Notification:

    You need to do three things right now.
    First, you need to write a script -- a message -- explaining the breach and providing your customers the steps they should take to protect themselves.  For example, "Good morning.  This is Acme Company with a special alert to all our customers.  We have just discovered a security breach and the possibility that the security of your data has been compromised.  We are working diligently and putting our full resources into this matter to minimize whatever damage has been done.  Meanwhile, we recommend you take the following steps to protect yourself (give them a list of things to do.)  That being said, we want you to know that will are taking extra measures to make sure that you get all the information and updates regarding this matter.  You are welcomed to visit our website at and click on "Security Breach" update to get the latest news.  Also, if you have any questions, you are always welcomed to contact our customer service department at this toll free number (say number.)  Our representatives will be happy to help you with any questions or issues you may have.  Meanwhile, you can expect to receive information in the mail soon that will give you a more complete picture of what has happened. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  We pledge to do our best in addressing these issues in a prompt and timely manner."
    Secondly, you need to compile a list of phone numbers of all of your affected customers.  Putting your customers phone numbers in an Excel spreadsheet works fine.
    Third, give us a call at 888-387-8636 and we set you up with an account quickly.  There is no cost to set up an account, and you are only charged for the services you use, when you use them.  You can get more information by clicking the Phone Broadcasting link at the top of the page.
    That's it!  The process doesn't take long and we can work with you closely to make sure everything goes smoothly and that your customers get the information they need.
Why Calling Your Customers Is Best

    Sure, you can email or text your customers as well, but there are limited factors.  While everyone has a phone (cell or landline), not everyone checks their email or the email may be construed as spam.  And while texting is popular, there are still a lot of people -- middle aged and older -- who don't text or have a smartphone.
    An old-fashioned phone call -- with a recorded human voice -- is still the best and fastest way to reach people.  It is also more personal and your customers can hear your sincerity and eagerness to make things right for themselves.
    Of course, whatever you do, you also need to take steps to follow everything up with a written communication that you will snail-mail to everyone.
Hackers Are on the Attack

    The most valued databases in the world are constantly under attack, and there are times the hackers are successful in penetrating the security.  Despite your best efforts and preparations, you are not immune.
    However, with a solid response plan that will be ready when you need it, you can minimize the damages and move forward while maintain the trust and confidence of your customers.     

Mass Calling Service Blasts Voicemail Notifications Instantly

Outsourcing your mass calling to Monarch Broadcast is usually your best bet. Not only can you start immediately, but there is no need to buy expensive hardware, software or phone lines. Everything is already set up and you only need to tap into the existing service.

Mass calling services can blast notifications to hundreds or thousands of people in minutes. It is the fastest, least expensive, and easiest way of delivering information to a group of people.

Mass, or automated calling is referred to many ways. Some other terms used to label the technology are: phone blast, call blast, phone broadcasting, voice broadcasting and robo calls. Very simply, the service enables you to email, or upload online, a database of phone numbers you want to reach. Then you can email a voice recording of your message, either in a file, or more easily, you can just record it over the phone. The service bureau will then pair your recording with your list of phone numbers and launch your job at the time you specify.

Using mass calling can be illegal in the United States under certain circumstances. For example, you cannot sell a product or service by sending pre-recorded phone messages unless you have the written permission of the person you are calling. On the other hand, sending "informational" messages is permitted. For example, sending reminders for meetings, events, deadlines or appointments is perfectly acceptable. Some companies send out thousands of automated calls to individuals who want to receive financial updates on stocks and securities. Colleges can send messages to incoming students for payment reminders, or alumni for event or athletic schedules. There are an unlimited number of automated call applications that are used on a daily basis.

When choosing a automated calling service, you should consider several options. Does the service bureau offer you the opportunity to launch your own job with an online log-in and interface? Will they launch it for you at no additional cost? What kind of report can you expect to receive after your job is completed? Will you be able to see how and when your message was delivered, or not?

You may discover a wide difference in how service bureaus are set-up to accept payment from you. Many will require you to pay in advance before your job is sent. You'll purchase a set number of minutes and use those minutes until they are exhausted. Other vendors will just charge your credit card for whatever the cost of the job is, after it is sent. Some vendors will charge you per phone number, while others will charge you on a per minute basis. Usually, the per minute basis is best because you only pay for what you actually use and you are not charged for calls that do not get through, either because of busies, no answers or disconnected phone numbers.

You should also know that your calls can be delivered to BOTH people who answer the phone and to voicemail answering systems if they don't answer -- so either way, your message will get delivered.

Overall, you'll find mass automated calling services an amazing way to get information out quickly and inexpensively. Everyone is connected to a phone these days and most are within arm's length of their cell. Unlike email which can get lost in spam filters or never opened, automated calling can deliver your message effectively, helping you get the best results.

You can get more valuable information about mass automated calling services here:

Broadcast Messaging: Phone & Text Blasts

Two of the most effective ways of broadcasting an important message to a large audience involves phone and/or text blasting -- two telecommunications technologies that are known for their ease of use and low cost.  Calls or messages can be sent immediately or scheduled for future delivery based upon your needs.

Phone broadasting messages, also known as, phone blasting, has been around longer and is the more popular of the two.  It is used by many different business sectors for a wide variety of purposes including emergency notifications/closings, appointment reminders, road construction alerts, sales alerts, college admissions and course registration alerts etc.  The number of applications is only limited by your imagination, but there are certain legal requirements that must be followed, particularly for business-to-consumer sales calls.  To send a phone broadcast you only need to have your list of phone numbers and your prerecorded message, which you can record in one of several different ways.  Armed with those two items you can launch your calls quickly and easily.

Text broadcasting, also known as text blasting is used in many of the same ways as phone blast, but is used mostly for alerts and notifications.  Texting does require that you have an opt-in list, which is a requirement by the wireless carriers, so your recipients will have to use one of several different methods to opt-in to receive your messages.  Unlike phone blasting, text blasts do have a limit in length which is generally 160 characters.  Another difference is that with text blasting you will need to pay a small monthly fee to maintain a short code, which is necessary in order to send a text blast.

Monarch Broadcast Messaging is proud to be one of the nation's leading messaging providers, serving both large and small businesses, non-profits, political and other organizations interested in adopting effective communication tactics aimed at keeping their constituent audiences informed and in the loop.

You can get more detailed information about our services at the top of this page.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Give us a call anytime at 888-387-8636.

Sending Recorded Phone Messages: Phone Blasting (Broadcasting to VoiceMail)

Sending recorded phone messages to a list of contacts is fast and easy, and doesn't require any special equipment or software.  Our services here at Monarch Broadcast, enable you to log online, upload your phone list, and record your message over the phone.  When you launch your job (or we do it for you) your recorded message will be delivered to your list of phone numbers immediately.

Your recorded phone message will be played when your recipient picks up the phone live, or the system can sense if it's voicemail or answering machine and will leave the entire message to be heard later at your contact's convenience.  Either way you message gets through and is disseminated quickly, usually within minutes.  Better yet, there is no charge if our phone blast system detects a busy, no answer, or a line that is out of order.  In general, if you have a good list of current numbers, about 80-85% of the calls get through.

Here are few helpful hints to insure the success of your phone blast:

1)  You can use an Excel spreadsheet for your phone numbers.  Just make sure that the area codes are in the same column as the phone numbers.  So, you should have 10 digits in ONE column.

2)  Prepare your script and practice and read it out loud several times.  Most scripts are rewritten a few times to insure a smooth and understandable delivery.  You can record your own message on our system, or we can call you and have you just read your script over the phone.  Using a regular landline phone to record your message is recommended because it is usually more clear than a cell phone that may have a bad connection.

3)  Informational messages are completely legal.  It's when you start selling something or telemarketing where you could cross the line.  We require our clients to comply with strict regulations.  Don't get yourself in trouble.

Overall, sending recorded messages is probably the most effective, fastest and least expensive way to get important information out to your contacts.  Email is less expensive, but not everyone checks their email.  However, everyone gets their voicemail -- phones are everywhere and people are well connected.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with your phone blast (broadcast) project, just give us a call at the number at the top of this webpage and we can walk you through step by step.  You'll be surprised at just how easy sending recorded messages as mass notifications can be.  We're here to help.

Community Colleges: Student Notification and Alert Messaging, Reminders for Students for Registration, Payment Deadlines, Event and Emergency Notices

Community colleges across the nation are turning to phone (voice) broadcasting to get reminder notifications and alerts to students for a number of applications including registration, payment deadlines, application processes, event announcements, and emergency notices.
We serve a number of community colleges and also offer text and email broadcast services as well.  However, in almost all cases, administrators and managers have chosen phone broadcasting recorded messages as the preferred method to reach students.
Since not all students have access to email or have smartphones, they all are reachable by phone, either at their home or cell phone.  Recorded messages can be answered live, or left on voicemail or answering machines -- our system can automatically detect if a live person answers the phone versus voicemail.
Phone broadcasting messages is a powerful, extrememly effective, and easy way to get information out quickly since there is virtually no ramp up time.  Within minutes, you can upload your phone list, record your message and have your notice sent to hundreds, even thousands, simultaneously.  Moreover, the process can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of postage.
This technology isn't ideal for all communications -- however, for quick reminders and important notifications, it is ideal and is being adopted more and more by community colleges across the country as the go-to technology that can save time and money, while keeping students in the loop.  In fact, community colleges make up about 25% of our entire phone broadcasting customer base, so it's an important segment for us and enables us to have the experience and focus required to serve our clients well.
If you an administrator or manager at a community college registration, finance, admissions, athletics, or security office, we can assist you in designing a communications strategy that will fit your budget and deliver the kinds of results you're looking for.  They say "information is king" and at Monarch we'll prove it!  Call us today at 888-387-8636.

Mass Phone Notifications: Sending Recorded Messages to the Masses

Sending mass phone notifications to a list of contacts can be a simple and easy process.  By using our phone broadcasting (voice broadcasting) service you can save a considerable amount of money because our notification system is already in place.  We also have the capacity to reach thousands of your contacts simultaneously.

You can get more information about our service at our product page here:

Commercial or sales calls are illegal, unless you have a permission based opt-in list.  Otherwise, sending out "informational" messages is perfectly fine.  An example of an informational message would be to inform passengers that an airline flight as been delayed.  Or a school is closed because of bad weather.  Or, reminding people about appointments.

While there are other mass notification services available such as texting (we do that too!) it is widely accepted that verbal announcements sent over the phone is a cost effective way to deliver mass communication notifications to a large number of people at once.

How are we able to offer you the best mass notification service with the lowest costs?  There are several reasons:

1)  We can provide you full service and work with you on your recordings and launching your jobs, at no additional cose.  We're happy to help you every step of the way, or, if you want to handle those tasks yourself, you can log on to the website with your passcodes and  manage everything yourself.

2)  Unless you are political operation, you don't have to pay in advance.  We'll conveniently charge your credit card after your job goes out -- you'll get a full report on the number of message delivered -- and email you a receipt.  Fast and easy.

3)  The quality of your mass notifications by phone is critically important.  We can provide you the most advanced, the highest quality system including intuitive features such as differentiating between live answers and voicemail.  (You can leave messages on voicemail if the recipient doesn't answer which will give you the highest delivery rate for your recorded messages.)

4)  We can also enable you to send automated voice surveys, where your recipients can choose multiple choice answers by pressing their keypads.  For example, "Did you like what you had for breakfast today?  If yes, press #1.  If no, press #2.)  Those survey results can be accessed in real time.

All in all, mass calling with phone notifications can be the best way for you to get important information out quickly to hundreds, even thousands, of people who rely upon getting up to the minute news.  Give us call at 888-387-8636 and let us know what you are looking to do.  We have the experience and the knowhow to provide you with the best advice on how to achieve the results you want.  We look forward to serving you.