Best Way to Contact College Fans or Alumni for Events

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We serve dozens of college and universities who use our system to contact thousands of students, fans and alumni about upcoming events and programs.  Yes, we do mass texting, but from what our clients tell us, the most effective way to get notices out is with phone broadcasting -- sending pre-recorded voice messages out to everyone who will either listen to the message live or later on voicemail.  So, if you need to contact a significant number alumnus about upcoming events, you should considering phone broadcasting, the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to get your messages out. The process is cost effective, straightforward and you'll be able to broadcast out thousands of notices, almost instantly.

Yes, many colleges use underclassman to make live outbound calls as part of their work-study program.  That's an ideal solution, especially for fundraising calls.  But capacity can be limiting and the content of the call can be restrictive.  For example, students can only make so many calls per hour.  However, with phone broadcasting, you can deliver thousands of calls in a few minutes.  Moreover, let's say you want everyone to hear from the college president -- in his or her own voice -- about an upcoming and important event.  The only way everyone will hear the president is if he or she records an announcement and you broadcast that to everyone at the same time.

And that's exactly what we can do to help you.  You can record your messages right over the phone if you want, and the rest is done online so you don't need any special hardware or software.  We can launch your jobs for you, or you can do it yourself with our easy-to-use interface.  Either way, you can reach everyone in just minutes.

Best way to start? Give us a call at 888-387-8636 and set up an account for free.  If you prefer managing your own account, we'll show you how to do it and you can buy minutes to put into your account.  You can access the system at anytime.  You'll create a username and password, enabling you to log in whenever you want to launch a broadcasting campaign.  The primary advantage to having web access with your phone broadcasting program is that you'll be able to send a project at anytime you want, from anywhere you want.  It is important to note that, for security purposes, you may be required to get a college or university compliance officer's approval prior to the campaign being released.

If you want our full-service option, we'll do all the work, and just charge your credit card after your jobs go out.

Next, begin compiling your phone list and have area codes and phone numbers in one column (Excel spreadsheet works fine) and then decide what you want to say.  Write and practice your script.  After these two steps are complete you simply let us know you're ready for the message to be delivered and within minutes it will be done.  Your pre-recorded notices/messages can be accepted by live pick ups or left on answering machines, ensuring that all of your bases are covered and that you maximize your outreach which is about 85% of your phone list.

A growing number of colleges and universities have discovered how powerful phone broadcasting services can be when it comes to sending out announcements and other important information. It's extremely fast and convenient and a lot less expensive than paying for people to make the calls, and a fraction of the cost of sending our printed material.  Also, with a little creative thinking, you can increase response by offering incentives or promotional coupons as part of your message.

Colleges Send Messages to Students and Alumni with Online System in Minutes

There's no need to buy expensive hardware to remind college students when registration starts, when tuition is due, or when the next home game is scheduled.  In fact, you don't need any hardware at all.  Everything you need is already in the cloud -- all accessed online with a friendly user interface that will enable you to communicate with more students, in less time, and at less cost, than ever before.

Monarch Broadcast is one of the nation's leading messaging services and we are proud to be the vendor of choice for dozens of colleges and universities across the United States who distribute hundreds and thousands of recorded phone messages and texts to students and alumni.  Just give us a call today at 888-387-8636 we'll explain how the system can get important notifications to students and alumni in minutes.

We think you'll be impressed, not only with how inexpensive it is to reach your students (just pennies a message) but at how convenient and easy it is.  What used to take hours or days, can now take less than 10 minutes, especially when it comes to special reminders.

Our college clients use the service for many applications -- mostly notably for reminder calls regarding payment and registration deadlines.  But it is also popular for alerting alumni to special events and functions as well.  Actually, the uses are unlimited -- everything from urgent emergency calls such as storm closings, to athletic program news, to informing parents about Parent's Weekend.  Anything and everything that a college population needs to know can be the subject of a phone or text broadcast.

What can we do for you?  Here's a quick run-down:

-- We can provide you full service and do all the work for you, or you can opt for self-service and launch all of your own jobs on our easy-to-use online interface.
-- You can record your messages on the phone, or create your own .wav file and upload it yourself.
-- There is no extra charge for data and list management.
-- We can work with multiple-users on your campus, since every department or division will have its own needs.
-- Our customer service has been acclaimed for its superior and personal assistance -- you'll come to appreciate it during an era when good customer service is hard to find.
-- Our online system is robust and can process thousands of calls in just a few minutes. If you need to get a message out quickly, there is no better way to do it.
-- We have a variable pricing model which means you'll save a ton of money because you only pay for the services you use, when you use it.  There is no set-up fee, no equipment to purchase, no special software to buy and no monthly or annual minimums you have to worry about.  If you don't use the service, there is no charge.

What do we need from you?  You'll need a database of phone numbers, so make sure that you have been compiling a list and storing it properly.  You'll want the area code and phone numbers in one column within your spreadsheet.  Excel works fine if that's what you are familiar with.  After you have up-to-date phone numbers, and can isolate the group you want to call, the rest is very easy.

You'll find our automated broadcast messaging services are a powerful tool in improving your campus communications and we're happy to help you every step of the way in integrating this technology into your culture.

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Parent Notification Service: School Crisis Alerts and Emergencies

Notifying parents with school crisis alerts and emergency information can be accomplished quickly with our existing online service.  This is what you should know:

1)  No equipment or special software is necessary.  Everything you need is online and ready to go.  There is no set-up fee, and no monthly minimums.  In other words, you only pay for the service, when and if you use it.

2)  You can access the online system 24/7 to record your messages and upload your phone lists from any location that has an Internet connection -- from offices or homes. Sending recorded phone messages is the most universally accepted form of communication.

3)  The system is capable of dialing hundreds of numbers per minute.  You can send a message to thousands of people within minutes.

4)  You can set the system to leave messages on voicemail if people do not answer their phones directly.

5)  You can send text messages. however, not everyone has the ability to receive text messages.

6)  Creating an accurate and up-to-date phone list database is very important.  The list can be in a standard format, such as an Excel spreadsheet, and be pre-loaded into the system or ready to be uploaded very quickly in case of an emergency.

7)  Your school administration needs to discuss phone protocols in detail as part of a comprehensive emergency plan.  For example, will informing parents about an in-process emergency interfere with law enforcement procedures that are being implemented at the same time?  Will telling parents to "stay away" until things have been declared safe, really keep them away?  (Probably not.)  Do you have an established a phone number that parents can call to get more information?  Will that number have a recording on it that will update parents with the latest information?  Will there be a number parents can call to get a hold of a live person who is knowledgeable about the situation?  Can that number handle hundreds of calls at once?

8)  An online notification system is ideal because it is not subject to outages like local power failures.  As long as someone in your administration has access to the Internet, even on a laptop, the system will perform.

Getting notifications out to parents is the easy.  What to say and when to say it present the real challenge and deserve a thorough discussion, involving both policy decisions and tactical procedures.

With parents across the country worried over the safety of their children at school, every district in the nation should have the latest notification technology available at its fingertips to keep parents informed.

Call us at 888-387-8636 to get the details.  You can also review our School and College Alert webpage here:

Sending Recorded Phone Messages: Phone Blasting (Broadcasting to VoiceMail)

Sending recorded phone messages to a list of contacts is fast and easy, and doesn't require any special equipment or software.  Our services here at Monarch Broadcast, enable you to log online, upload your phone list, and record your message over the phone.  When you launch your job (or we do it for you) your recorded message will be delivered to your list of phone numbers immediately.

Your recorded phone message will be played when your recipient picks up the phone live, or the system can sense if it's voicemail or answering machine and will leave the entire message to be heard later at your contact's convenience.  Either way you message gets through and is disseminated quickly, usually within minutes.  Better yet, there is no charge if our phone blast system detects a busy, no answer, or a line that is out of order.  In general, if you have a good list of current numbers, about 80-85% of the calls get through.

Here are few helpful hints to insure the success of your phone blast:

1)  You can use an Excel spreadsheet for your phone numbers.  Just make sure that the area codes are in the same column as the phone numbers.  So, you should have 10 digits in ONE column.

2)  Prepare your script and practice and read it out loud several times.  Most scripts are rewritten a few times to insure a smooth and understandable delivery.  You can record your own message on our system, or we can call you and have you just read your script over the phone.  Using a regular landline phone to record your message is recommended because it is usually more clear than a cell phone that may have a bad connection.

3)  Informational messages are completely legal.  It's when you start selling something or telemarketing where you could cross the line.  We require our clients to comply with strict regulations.  Don't get yourself in trouble.

Overall, sending recorded messages is probably the most effective, fastest and least expensive way to get important information out to your contacts.  Email is less expensive, but not everyone checks their email.  However, everyone gets their voicemail -- phones are everywhere and people are well connected.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with your phone blast (broadcast) project, just give us a call at the number at the top of this webpage and we can walk you through step by step.  You'll be surprised at just how easy sending recorded messages as mass notifications can be.  We're here to help.

Community Colleges: Student Notification and Alert Messaging, Reminders for Students for Registration, Payment Deadlines, Event and Emergency Notices

Community colleges across the nation are turning to phone (voice) broadcasting to get reminder notifications and alerts to students for a number of applications including registration, payment deadlines, application processes, event announcements, and emergency notices.
We serve a number of community colleges and also offer text and email broadcast services as well.  However, in almost all cases, administrators and managers have chosen phone broadcasting recorded messages as the preferred method to reach students.
Since not all students have access to email or have smartphones, they all are reachable by phone, either at their home or cell phone.  Recorded messages can be answered live, or left on voicemail or answering machines -- our system can automatically detect if a live person answers the phone versus voicemail.
Phone broadcasting messages is a powerful, extrememly effective, and easy way to get information out quickly since there is virtually no ramp up time.  Within minutes, you can upload your phone list, record your message and have your notice sent to hundreds, even thousands, simultaneously.  Moreover, the process can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of postage.
This technology isn't ideal for all communications -- however, for quick reminders and important notifications, it is ideal and is being adopted more and more by community colleges across the country as the go-to technology that can save time and money, while keeping students in the loop.  In fact, community colleges make up about 25% of our entire phone broadcasting customer base, so it's an important segment for us and enables us to have the experience and focus required to serve our clients well.
If you an administrator or manager at a community college registration, finance, admissions, athletics, or security office, we can assist you in designing a communications strategy that will fit your budget and deliver the kinds of results you're looking for.  They say "information is king" and at Monarch we'll prove it!  Call us today at 888-387-8636.

Broadcast Notification Service: Phone and Text

Broadcast notification service, otherwise known as mass notification, enables you to immediately send a large number of messages via phone and/or text to selected recipients.  There are a number of popular reasons and applications that people use a notification service for, but you should know the following:

1)  Everything is moving to "the cloud," especially notifications.  So the idea of getting special notification software to send messages is quickly becoming obsolete.  Now you can send messages, right from your online-connected computer, without the need for any hardware or software and from any location.  In fact, our system is already set up and is ready to use.  You can send out your first broadcast today.

2)  There are legal restrictions.  Sending broadcasts for the purposes of telemarketing is, for all intents and purposes, against the law.  However, sending broadcasts for "informational purposes" is legal -- for example, school or organization closings, weather emergencies, airline delays, doctor appointments -- anything that involves a notification that alerts the recipient about a topic they want or need to know something about.  (We advise you to seek an attorney's opinion if you are in a gray area.)  For sales promotions, you need to have your recipients opt-in to your list.  While most states allow political calls, there are some restrictions so it's best to check your state's particular laws.

3)  Setting up is quick and easy.  Just upload your phone list or text list online (we can help you if you want) and you'll be good to go.  Make sure your list is in the proper format.  And yes, you can store any number of lists online to use for any number of different messages.

4)  Lastly, you need to record your phone message, or input your text message.  You can record your phone message right over the phone (our system will call you) so be sure to have your script ready.  Practice, practice, practice and rewrite your message as many times as you must to insure that you are clear, concise and informative.

Broadcasting notifications is much easier, simple, and probably less expensive than you ever imagined.  A properly executed broadcast campaign can achieve a very high response because is the most "direct" way to your targeted audience.  Today, the vast majority of people are using cell and smartphones to send and receive notifications instantly.

Broadcast Calls

If you are looking to broadcast calls to a large number of people for informational, organizational or political purposes, we can help you.  Our system is already set up and ready to go.  Since you share the phone broadcasting system with our other customers you have the advantages of the most technically advanced platform at a fraction of the cost it would be if you did it yourself.  That's the beauty of outsourcing and why most companies find they can save money -- not only that, but it allows to focus and concentrate on your core business.

You'll find broadcasting calls is the simplest, easiest, fastest and least expensive way to get out announcements, notifications, and important updates to your contact list.  Once you set up an account, and get your phone list prepared, there is virtually no ramp up time.  You can get messages out in minutes to thousands of contacts.

So if you need a message delivery service that can send your voicemail to hundreds and thousands of contacts instantly, you've come to the right place.  Give us a call and let us know what you are trying to do, and in return, we promise you to our best to give you the tips and pointers you'll need to get the job done.

Welcome to the world of technology -- it's amazing what you can do today that was nearly impossible only a few short years ago.

School Alerts by Phone Help Administrators Communicate with Community

School administrators are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibilities to notify parents, teachers and the community at large about emergencies, events and schedules.  The last thing a principal or administrator wants to hear is, "Why didn't you tell us?"

By far, the fastest and least expensive way to get school alerts and notifications out is by phone.  It's instant and messages can be recorded and sent out immediately to both live answers and answering machines.

Why do we think our system is the best?  Three reasons:  1) There is no hardware or software to buy.  That alone can save a school district tens of thousands of dollars.  2) You can access the system from any Internet connection.  Superintendents or principals can use it from their homes if necessary.  3) You only pay for what you use, thus saving the taxpayers a small fortune in unnecessary costs.  There are no monthly usage fees, maintenance costs or long term contracts.  If you don't use the system, there's no charge.  How are you going to beat that?  (For those districts that need an exact amount to allocate every month for budget and planning purposes, we can make arrangements to make it work.)

The key is being prepared.  Schools should have their phone lists already uploaded on our system.  You can upload lists online in any kind of database or Excel spreadsheet.  You can have any number of separate lists stored on the system.  You can have one for parents, and/or each sports team can have their own.

So the next time there's a blizzard or school closing, or heaven forbid, an emergency, you can have the best phone broadcasting system ready 24/7 at your fingertips.  You'll know you are not only providing the best information to your constituent groups, but you're doing it in a way that will save the district taxpayers precious dollars that can be spent in other areas.  Give us a call today and we'll show you how it works.