Electronic Business Invoicing is one of the fastest ways to trim expenses by eliminating postage and printing costs.

By sending business invoices and statements electronically -- otherwise known as electronic invoicing or e-invoicing -- our transactional service enables businesses to automate the electronic delivery of computer-generated invoices, statements, confirmations and orders to individual recipients. Documents are detailed, personal and often time sensitive. That's why getting them to the right individuals, with the right information, at the right time is essential. We have the technology and experience to provide the special handling that delivering transactional documents like electronic invoices requires. Our outsourced services will streamline your operations, alleviate burdens on your existing systems and provide you with the proof of every delivery in detailed reports.

By outsourcing electronic invoicing, you avoid substantial costs of implementing your own system and experience immediate savings with virtually no "pay back" time. Moreover, you can cut your current processing costs in half overnight and dramatically decrease the time it takes to collect outstanding receivables. With proper incentives, you can actually get paid before your customers previously received their invoices in the mail. The beauty of electronic invoicing is that you can transact with hundreds or thousands of customers with data you already have in your system, since there is an excellent chance you already possess their fax numbers or email addresses.

The conversion to electronic invoicing can also provide a tremendous convenience to customers who can have statements routed directly to the proper people without the need to sort mail. Forget buying new hardware and software. We already have what you need. Overall, outsourcing the electronic delivery of business invoices and other statements such as purchase orders or confirmations via email or fax, can provide tremendous advantages in helping to keep your enterprise focused on its primary mission while freeing up staff to concentrate on priority tasks. What used to take weeks, will now take minutes. Schedule your statements to be delivered immediately or at precise times. The speed of electronic delivery improves turn around times and shortens the business cycle.

How Electronic Business Invoicing Works:

In consultation with you, we establish:

  1. Your current file format. In almost all instances we can accept your data in its native file format, so no changes are required on your part.
  2. The best way for you to transmit your data to us. Connections can be made using Web service, SMTP, or TCP/IP protocols.
  3. The look and branding of your statement. We can create an electronic statement that looks identical to your current print form.

The process of delivering electronic statements:

  1. You transmit your raw data to us.
  2. We convert it into an electronic statement that will be faxed or emailed.
  3. We deliver all your statements at the time you specify.
  4. You receive a customized report detailing the delivery and which will serve as an audit trail.
  • No need to buy new hardware or software.
  • Instantly reduce overhead by eliminating postage and paper.
  • Shorten your accounts receivable cycle and receive payments faster.
  • Flexible access since connections can be made using virtually any transmission protocol.
  • Security protection can support SSL and high level data encryption standards.
  • Huge capacity that can deliver thousands of electronic invoices and statements per hour.
  • Your customers benefit from greater convenience in processing their accounts payable.
  • Customized reporting provides you a comprehensive audit trail, deliverability, and open rates.
  • Automate any statements such as invoices, order confirms, purchase orders, financial/bank notifications.
  • Use your own company logos and format and disclaimers.
  • Enable your staff to concentrate more time on your core business and priorities.