Voice Broadcast Software:  Use Online Controls to Send Your Calls

Our voice broadcasting software allows you to quickly and easily begin connecting with people without any upfront costs.

Our Services are Easy to Use

While we are not the only voice broadcasting service, we have made it easy for you to get up and running. You do not need to have any special technological knowledge in order to use our system.

Instantly Set Up Your Account

You can set up your account with us immediately by contacting us at 888-387-8636.

Once we have some basic information from you, we can provision your account immediately and provide you with your login information and instructions.

If you need assistance with anything, we are available to help you anytime.
If you like, we help you through the simple process of designing and testing your voice broadcast. We can then listen to your message and will make suggestions to ensure you are creating the perfect message.

Easily Manage Your Contacts

Simply upload your existing contact list as a spreadsheet, like excel, or you can manually enter your contacts into our system.

You can choose to add additional contact information, if you want to better track your contacts and get more specific data.

Record Your Message

Once your contacts have been added or you have uploaded your contact list, you will use our system to record your message.

You can record your message using one of two methods. To record your message, either call into our automated recording line and record your message from your phone.  Alternatively you can record a message on your computer or with other recording devices. The audio file can then be uploaded into our system.

Initiate Your Voice Broadcast

The next decision for you to make is when you want to send out your message.

You can choose to send your message out immediately or schedule your call to be sent at a future date and time.

Our Voice Broadcasting Key Features

We offer some great options that will help you create the perfect experience for your clients or customers.

Live People, Voicemail or Both

Typically our clients choose to deliver their message to both live answers and voicemails.

Depending upon your message, there may be situations where you want to deliver your message to only a live answer or only a voicemail. Our system allows you to do any of these options.

You may want the people you are calling to be able to ask questions or get additional information.  In this instance you can designate a certain key press which will transfer them to your live operator. This is particularly useful in the case of scheduling appointments.

We are here to help you create the personalized experienced that is best for your audience.

Opt Out

Invariably, some people who receive your message will want to no longer receive them.

We have made the opt-out process simple. You can designate a certain key press to allow your recipients to opt-out of further calls.

Landline, Cell Phone or Both

The laws are very different regarding landline and cell phone calls, but both have restrictions that you need to be aware of.

Everyone’s message is unique and so is the way they compile their list of recipients.  Talk to us and we can advise and help you stay within legal guidelines for the type of call you are placing.

We Offer Total Cloud Based Control

Your account acts as a single hub. From your account you can manage your call lists, create your calling campaigns, schedule the date and time you want your calls placed, and review the results of your calls.

You can also reach out directly to use with any questions you have.

An Overview of Our Features

We are constantly improving our services to give you the best voice broadcasting experience.

No Upfront Costs

When you use our services, you will not pay any set up fees or minimums.
You pay as you go for the calls that were successfully placed. Busy calls and no answers are not charged.

Instant Cloud Set Up and Execution

We get you up and running quickly, within a few minutes if you need it immediately.

As soon as we provision your account, you can begin uploading your contacts.

Unlike purchasing voice broadcasting software, you can send out your first broadcast within minutes of getting your free account.

Easy Recording Options

Our system is user-friendly.

Whether you feel more comfortable using your phone to record your message or uploading an audio file from your computer, you do not need to be technologically savvy to get your message to us.

Key Press Best Practices

Not sure how to choose which key press options to use?

We have been helping clients just like you for 15 years. We will help you arrange your voice prompts and key press options.

Do Not Call List Management

We help you set up your Do Not Call list management for opt-outs. We  also ensure you have no duplicate numbers.

Schedule Calls to Be Effective

You control the times and dates of your voice broadcast.

You can voice broadcast immediately, or at different times in a single day or over multiple days.

If you are unsure of when to send out your calls, we will be more than happy to chat with you and help you choose the best days and times.

Full Service Option

If you do not feel confident or do not have the time to send your own voice broadcasts, we can do that for you.

Instead of receiving a User ID and password to access our online software, we will manage the entire call set up for you at no additional charge.

You will email your list of phone numbers to us and also create your recording on our automated recording line. If you have an existing recording you can email it to us with your list instead.

With your list and recording in hand, we can send your voice broadcast calls out on the date and time that you choose.

Telephone & Email Support

We are always here to answer your questions or help you set up your voice broadcast. Our customer service and technical support is available via email and telephone.

Have questions? Call us at 888-387-8636