Can I Sign Up Online?

Unfortunately not, for several reasons.

First, we frequently find that when we are contacted about a specific service, after some discussion, we find that what is wanted is actually a different service. Having a one on one discussion with us helps us determine which is the correct service for you based on your needs.

Second, we aren’t just a provider – we are consultants too – and since we have been in business for decades we have a lot of free advice to share. We believe every organization, no matter the size, deserves individualized attention to help meet their objectives and keep their costs as low as possible. We are committed to providing the best and most economical solutions that will maximize the impact of your messaging.

Third, and very importantly, there are very strict telecommunications laws and guidelines, and we want to help you avoid any practices that might potentially spark the ire of the FCC. It’s for your protection!

Do You Serve Both Small and Large Customer?

Yes! Whether you need to reach 50 people or 5 million, we’ve got you covered. Our solutions are scalable for organizations of all sizes.

How Long Does It Take to Set Up an Account?

We can have you up and running within 30 minutes

Are There Any Long Term Contracts?

In a word, no.  We don’t believe that contracts are actually in the customer’s best interest.  All of our services are on a pay per use basis.  When you initially open an account with us, we do require that you sign a Service Agreement with your basic contact information and payment method, and which also contains your rates.  But, it is not a contract.  If your organization absolutely requires a contract, we can work with you to get that accomplished quickly.

How Easy Are Your Services to Use?

Our services are very simple to use, but on top of that we are here to help you any time that you need it.

If you are a self-service customer, you will receive your User ID and Password to login to the system. You will also receive, via email, a personalized set of instructions for the particular service you are using. If you have any additional questions, problems or need clarification, we are here to assist you at anytime at no charge. For services such as Town Hall Teleconference and Automated Surveys, you will receive complete training via web demonstrations to walk you through the whole process. Demonstrations are available for our other services as well, though it is rarely requested because the system is easy to use.

Can You Send Our Calls For Us?

Absolutely! We do this routinely for dozens of clients who just don’t have the time, or who are less confident in their technology skills. This is our full service option. Most of the time the cost will be exactly the same as if you did it yourself. For more complicated set-ups like Automated Surveys, there is a small charge for us to set it up, send your calls, monitor the progress, and send your reports – but it is minimal and our clients believe it is both fabulous and a great deal!

How Do I Create My Recordings?

We provide an automated recording line. You can dial into that line at your convenience to create, review and accept your recordings. You have the capability to try as many times as you need, to make sure your recording is to your liking. Recordings automatically go into your account to be accessed easily. For full service customers, we have direct access to the recording that you made on the automated recording line.  If you already have recordings created on a computer or other device, self service customers can upload those directly into their account. Recordings for upload should be in an .mp3 or .wav format.  For full service customers, you would just email your recordings to us – we can accept most file types and convert them into the proper format for you.

Can I Call the Automated Recording Line from a Cell Phone?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. Recordings made from cell phones tend to have very degraded quality, which will create audio distortions when your recipients receive calls. We highly suggest that you call the automated recording line from a landline phone.

How Does My List Need to be Formatted?

Your list should be created as a database file – we recommend excel. The most important thing to remember is that your phone numbers should be in one column with the complete 10 digit phone number (area code plus the number). It doesn’t matter if you have parentheses around the area code or dashes between the numbers – when uploaded the system will remove those characters anyway. However, when you name your file, do not use an apostrophe in the name. ( i.e. “John Smith’s List” will error out when uploaded. Save it as “John Smiths List” instead). When you save your file it should also be saved as a .xls or .csv file type.

Do I Have to Remove Duplicate Numbers From My Phone List?

No, duplicate numbers and incomplete numbers are automatically removed from your list when it is uploaded, so it saves you time and energy.

What Will Show In My Recipient’s Caller ID?

You do need a valid caller ID for our services – a number that is somehow connected to you. When calls are sent out, that number will appear on your recipients’ caller ID. Many people ask us if we can insert information such as “Speedy Repair Shop” along with the numeric caller id. We cannot – that is a function of the local exchange carrier who does the end delivery of the call to your recipients. The local exchange carriers decide whether they are going to pass through anything other than the phone number.  Most of the local exchange carriers have a “look up” function, that looks at who your caller ID number is registered to. If they choose to pass that information through to your callees, it will show who the caller ID number is registered to. There is no way that we can change that as it falls under the local exchange carriers’ business
function, not ours.

How Much Will It Cost?

This is highly dependent upon which service you are using and the number of contacts you need to reach, amongst other things. We can, however, provide an estimate for you based on your list size, message length and service chosen.  We are committed to providing the most economical solutions with superior customer service in the industry.  Just give us a call and we will be happy to talk with you.