Live Call Center Services (Outbound)

When you need to deliver your message or survey in a friendly and personal manner, our professionally trained operators will dial-out to your list and will take pride in representing your campaign or business.  Our live call center services maintain the highest level of excellence.
    • Our professionally trained agents are ready to take on your project quickly and efficiently.
    • Less expensive than creating an in-house phone bank.
    • Our operators are located in the United States and English is their native language. Bilingual Spanish is also available.
    • Each campaign is customized to meet your individual needs.
    • Comprehensive reporting with actionable data supplied daily.
    • Perfect for many applications and projects including political or product surveys, product or experience feedback, get-out-the-vote reminders, voter ID programs, persuasion calls, and consumer opinion calls.

Live Call Center Services for Political Campaigns

Using live agents to contact voters has been the gold standard for years, since live agents interact directly with voters and can ascertain more nuanced responses. It also allows for more in depth questioning depending upon the voter’s responses.  Live calls are perfect when a more personal touch is needed with constituents.

There are several major categories of campaign live agent calls, the choice of which depends upon your objective and the information that you need to gather.

GOTV calls are simply friendly reminder calls to go vote, generally supporting a specific candidate or issue on the ballot.

Voter ID calls are used to measure the level of support for particular candidates or measures, which allows campaigns to identify those groups where they are weakest and need to focus more attention.
They are also useful for identifying possible campaign volunteers, or who will post a sign in their yard in support of the candidate.

Persuasion calls are geared more towards trying to sway undecided voters towards your candidate, perhaps by highlighting how the candidate feels about important issues. Frequently the script for such calls will be different depending upon the demographic you are trying to reach.  For instance, the script might highlight a candidate’s stance on medicare for calls to senior citizens.

Surveys and Polling calls are generally used to get specific feedback on how the voters feel on certain topics, or how they feel about a field of candidates.  Voter responses provide useful and actionable data to help drive future campaign activities and communications based on electorate feedback.

Live Agent Calling for Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Businesses need every edge when it comes to gaining and retaining their customers, and the best way to do that is learn what your customers think and need. In a rapidly changing business environment, it is imperative to know how your customers and prospects feel about your brand, and what drives their brand loyalty, and also what negatives they may perceive about your brand.

Service companies frequently call their customers after service has been performed, to rate the results as well as the performance of employees. Brands may call their list of contacts to compare consumer opinion about their brand compared to their competitors, in order to determine if their advertising or messaging needs to change to gain market share. Live agent calls may be made to prospects to try to identify good leads to send additional information to about your product or service.

Live calls for sales and marketing have actually gained more traction since the passage of laws on the delivery of prerecorded messages to consumers, because live operator calls are exempt from that legislation. Now more than ever, it’s vitally important that your calls are placed by professionally trained American agents who can speak English clearly so your message is understood and appreciated. Our outbound call centers are exclusively American and our capable agents can speak one-on-one with your customers, contacts and prospects.

The Benefits of Live Call Center Services

First and foremost, live agent calls have a more personal touch than automated calls and the agent has an opportunity to build rapport with the call recipients.

Outsourcing your live agent calls is a lot less expensive than setting up your own phone bank, which requires personnel in addition to phone lines, computers and software.

Our agents are an extension of your business or political campaign, and they take pride in their work. They are professionally trained and based in the United States, and are overseen by a team of dedicated managers focused on providing you with superior results.

Part of our live call center services is to provide you with comprehensive reports that are immediately actionable for you. There is no need for you to sort and parse data to see the results. If you have specific requirements for your reports, we are happy to provide that for you.

The time it takes to ramp up an outsourced live operator call takes significantly less time and effort for you than creating an in-house call bank. In many cases time is of the essence, and it may not be practical to complete the work in house, when we can have your call campaign live and operating within just a few days.

Live operator outbound calls to consumers are not restricted by the TCP Act of 1991.

How is a Live Agent Calling Program Set Up?

Every single live agent calling program is custom tailored to your needs – the script you want used, the dates you want to calls to be made, the number of attempts to reach a live answer and whether you want a pre-recorded message dropped in the event that we can’t reach a live answer.  The first step is to create your script and provide it to us, along with your list of phone numbers and your desired dates for the dials to occur. We’ll take it from there and communicate with you about options, reports and the other particulars of your program, in order to maximize your data capture and represent you as if we were your in house staff.

Give us a call at 888-387-8636 to speak with us about your Live Call Center Services needs and requirements.