Political Communication Services

Political Communication Services

Your one-stop shop for political communication services including Political Robocalls, GOTV, Town Hall Teleconferences, Automated or Live Operator surveys and more. Our communication services are crucial to political candidates on the road to election victory.
    • Political Robocalls
    • Automated Surveys
    • Tracking Polls
    • Town Hall Teleconferences
    • GOTV Calls
    • Live Operator Surveys/Polling
    • Ringless Voicemail
    • Press 1 to Transfer Calls

Take the Edge in a Competitive Political Race

A successful campaign needs the latest technology to deliver your targeted message.  You’ll also need an experienced hand, that has been tested in the most challenging political contests, on your side.  We offer you both!  Top political candidates come to Monarch Broadcasting to get the edge they need.

Political communication services include a wide range of telecommunication related services to meet your specific objectives. Some avenues of communication work better for different demographic groups. To keep up with the competition and reach voters, it’s necessary to employ a variety of communication tactics. Don’t fall behind in the polls; stay in touch and keep your audience informed.

Political Communication Services Includes Robocalls

Political robocalls are a crucial part of a successful campaign and when combined with other telecommunication tools, you’ll be on the road to victory. Robocalls send a recorded message to a specific audience and are a staple communication tool for political campaigns at all levels.

Robocalls are fast, easy and inexpensive. This tool is an effective way to share campaign information and remind a targeted group of voters to go vote. We help you reach the best group of voters at all levels, including local, state and national. Not only can we help you target specific citizens and get the message out, but we understand the laws in each state to keep you in line with your telecommunication compliance.

Automated Surveys

Automated polling is the most inexpensive way to get instant survey data that tracks the latest opinions of the voters. Surveys allow you to hear directly from the public on specific issues and understand how you or particular issues are perceived. Political automated surveys provide instant results on important questions for your campaign. You can employ answer rotation, question rotation and prevent early key presses to prevent skewing of results.

The benefits of automated surveys are the cost savings and ease of use. You don’t need to hire live operators or worry about human error. Our automated survey system does the work for you. We employ skip-logic to guide the caller through the survey based on their responses. Get on the road to victory today with easy and effective automated surveys.

Tracking Polls

During a campaign, polling provides a way to measure public opinions on issues that matter to voters in order to inform your campaign strategy. Over the course of a campaign, voters may have a change in opinion on certain issues. Tracking polls measure or track voter responses to the same questions over time and report the results. Stay ahead of your opponents by incorporating tracking polls as part of your campaign’s telecommunication plan.

Town Hall Teleconferences

Transform your campaign with innovative town hall teleconferences. Personally engage with voters in a live virtual meeting over the phone. Our service allows you to either present a specific topic or respond to questions from the audience. Either way, town hall teleconferencing gives your campaign accessibility and approachability. You select the list of callers to provide targeted messaging. Take your campaign to the next level with easy, fast and effective communication.

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Calls

Get Out The Vote calls are a staple of political telecommunications. These are pre-recorded messages delivered to a target audience that communicate reminders to vote, a special event or fundraising effort. This service is a key strategic tool to encourage voters to be active.

Live Operator Surveys/Polling

While automated surveys and tracking polls are quicker and more affordable, oftentimes a campaign requires a live operator survey to get the information needed. For these cases, we offer live operator surveys or polling. Our service uses dialer technology to connect a live operator only when a call is answered. This tool is especially effective when the issues are nuanced and require detailed follow up questions.

Ringless Voicemail

Deliver your message without interrupting the voter. Ringless voicemail delivers a targeted message directly to the voter’s voicemail. Government regulations tightly control how cell phone users may be reached. With ringless voicemail drops, your campaign can communicate with cell phones within complete compliance. Don’t miss the chance to broaden your political reach. Get your message out with ringless voicemail.

Press 1 to Transfer Calls

Don’t waste the time of a live operator, instead combine dialer technology with live communication for maximum results. This top-notch service allows voters to get an instant response once they are on the line. Communicate your message and give the option for the listener to press 1 to transfer to a live operator. Give your telecommunications a personal touch with a call transfer option.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

At Monarch Broadcast Messaging, we offer a one-stop shop for all your telecommunication campaign services with a dedicated consultant to help advise, manage and launch your campaign’s communications with the public.

Whether you’re running for town council, the state house, or even the presidency, we can help you reach your constituents and voters, quickly, easily, and at a rate your campaign can afford.  We have been advising political campaigns in communications services for nearly 20 years, and one of our partners was in public office for 32 years, so we know the drill!

For your political communication services, contact us today at 888-387-8636 to keep your campaign ahead of the competition.