College and School Alerts

Send notifications and reminders for admissions, registration, advisement, payment deadlines, school closings and alumni announcements.  College and school alerts keep everyone in the loop.
  • College and school alerts get reminders and news out fast.  No hardware or software necessary.
  • Get important information to students, parents, teachers and staff instantly.
  • Perfect for sending emergency or school closing announcements.
  • Web based so you can access it 24/7 from anywhere – office, on the road, or home.
  • Critical messages delivered to everyone in minutes.
  • Save thousands a year versus in-house systems.
  • Intuitive system activates for live answer, or leaves message to voicemail.
  • Easy phone list maintenance keeps you current.
  • Secured and compliance officer friendly.
  • Option to have us launch jobs for you, or do-it-yourself.
  • Completely legal to send informational messages to students and parents.
  • Outstanding and personal customer service

What’s the Best Way to Contact College Students?

Nearly every college student has a phone, so the best way to reach them is with a phone or text message. Interestingly, most of our college clients prefer to send messages using phone, or voice broadcasting. Sending a notice with a voice message will enable you to include more important information than would be practical with just a short text message. That’s why using a recorded voice message to instantly send important alerts out to school and college constituent groups is gaining in popularity. It’s fast, inexpensive and an extremely effective communications tool.

What is the Most Cost Effective Way to Get College and School Alerts to Students?

Don’t spend thousands on auto dialers and sophisticated software. The voice and text blast system is already up and running and you can set up an account for free. Let us take care of the back office support and maintenance, while you concentrate on more important school matters. Some schools are unwittingly paying up to $80,000 a year for communications equipment and software, not counting maintenance and upgrades. Since we already have the equipment and software, you can get the same results for a fraction of the cost and without any binding contracts.

Can We Leave a Reminders and Messages on Students’ Voicemail?

Yes you can. If they don’t answer live (and they probably won’t), the system will leave a message on their voicemail. Students can then listen to it at their convenience. Whether you use voicemail or texting, your students will get the reminders and notifications they need to meet your deadlines and participate fully in college life. You can now send alerts, reminders and notifications via the phone to thousands of school and college contacts instantly and simultaneously. Send pre-recorded voice messages to parents, students, teachers and staff. Perfect for dozens of applications.