Sending Vaccination Alerts to Citizens

When can I get my vaccination?   Why is it taking so long to get an appointment?   No one is answering the phone!

State and local officials are being inundated with questions about the vaccine rollout. They are short on vaccine supplies and are facing the challenge of getting information out to constituents.

The problem is most people are not tuned into mass media.  Most people aren't reading the newspaper, only 1/3 get their news from television, and senior citizens are not on social media.

However, everyone has a phone -- either a landline or cell phone.  Using advanced technology, officials can "phone broadcast" important information to citizens quickly and inexpensively. 

Click below to see how it works.

Moreover, you can target specific demographic and geographic populations.   For example, you can send a voice message to senior citizens in a certain town or city in just a few minutes.

There are other outreach programs you can use as well, including Town Hall Teleconferencing that enables you to have a conference call with hundreds or thousands of people at once.

Citizen contact information can be found at your Elections office. You can sort the data anyway you like and create your phone lists.

During these challenging times, Monarch Broadcast Messaging can assist in making your vaccination rollout as efficient and smooth as possible.

Remember, you only have one "shot" as getting it right!

Give us a call today at 888-387-8636 and we'll help you keep your citizens in the loop so you can vaccinate the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time.