Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before Launching Your Political Robo Call Campaign:

1) There are many “tricks of the trade” so be very careful when it comes to comparing rates. Many providers have a 30 second minimum billing increment, so if someone hangs up after 10 seconds, you are still paying for 30 seconds. If you are making a large number of robo calls, this can make a huge difference in your total costs. We offer 6 second billing increments, so if someone hangs up in 10 seconds, you pay for 12 seconds, not 30. more

2) Know the difference between “per dial” and “per minute” robo call rates. We offer both, but it’s very important to understand the difference. “Per dial” robo call rates bill you for the quantity of phone numbers on your list. The pricing on “per dial” is generally lower because you pay for a set price per dial, whether or not the calls actually get delivered! On average, only 80-85% of the calls ever get through. So, you may be paying a lower rate, but you are also paying for calls that are lost due to bad numbers, disconnections, busies, no answers, etc. On the other hand, “per minute” pricing (in true 6 second billing increments) only charges you for calls that are successfully connected and are delivered to your voters. What’s the best deal? Call us, explain your situation, and let our consultants give you their best advice. Generally speaking, “per minute” pricing gives you the biggest bang per buck.

3) Don’t get yourself in trouble breaking the law, especially if you want become a law maker. There are strict rules on the federal and state level that you need to follow. At the very least, you need to have a legitimate Caller ID number that appears and you or your campaign need to be properly identified. Some states have restrictions on when you can call during the day (not too early and not too late) and other states prohibit political robo calls entirely. In California and Indiana, you need to have a live operator call and get permission to play a robo call. Be sure to be fully aware of your state law before planning your robo call campaign -- it will keep you and your staff out of trouble, will save embarrassment, and prevent possible fines.

4) Whom do you trust? Just because a political robo call service says they delivered so many hundreds or thousands of political calls, does that really mean they did? And how would you ever know if they were telling the truth? You really don’t. That’s why it’s critically important to deal with reputable firms that have been in business a number of years, have a broad customer base that keeps going back for repeat business, and provides you detailed reporting. We’ve been in business for over 16 years and serve hundreds of repeat customers who rely upon our service and technology to get the job done.

5) Content. Content. Content. What you say and how you say it, means all the difference in the world. Political calls can be welcomed, interesting, engaging, inspiring and can actually work when it comes to getting out the vote. But they can also be annoying, aggravating, insulting and a big turn off. How do you want to represent your campaign? You need a political robo call script and you need to read it out loud at least 20 times, massaging and editing the content all the while. The first rule is to be sure you sound like yourself and not some robot reading someone else’s words. We’ve always found that it’s best to start your call by saying, “I’m glad I was able to reach you. This is ...” Remember, you won’t be able to discuss any issues in depth, but that’s OK. A lot of voters vote with their hearts, not their minds. Be personal, capture their confidence, and thank them for their support or consideration, and your robo call efforts will pay off.

6) The length of your script and message shouldn’t be more than 45 seconds. Under 30 seconds is even better. Your goal is to be short and sweet and to remind people of your name and to vote.

7) Ideally, you want to send you robo calls during the day to leave as many messages on answering machines and voicemail as you can. This is particularly true as the election draws closer and voters are inundated with other robo calls besides yours. Voters are not interested in having their routines interrupted to pick up the phone several times on the same evening. That’s why it’s important to maximize the number of voicemails you leave so voters can listen to your message at their convenience and at a time they set aside for themselves to pick up their messages.

8) Real-world experience counts. Ever wonder why most political consultants purport to be experts, and yet they have never served in public office, nor have they ever been elected to anything. It’s true. Calling plays from the sideline is easier than putting your own neck on the chopping block. And if you say you’re an expert long enough, people start believing you. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Do the people I’m dealing with really know what they’re talking about? And can they prove it?”

Unlike other political robo call vendors, our leadership at Monarch Broadcast includes elected office experience. In fact, one of our principals has 32 years of real-world elected office experience, winning 18 elections in a row (both primary and general elections.) That’s more than just “consulting” experiencing -- we can say “we’ve been there and done that” not just once, but many times. We know what works and what doesn’t, and what you need to do to stack the odds in your favor. That high-priced consulting is offered to our clients for free!

9) Plan ahead! Most commonly, political robo calls are a last minute campaign tactic and organizers scramble the day before the election trying to put together a script, phone list, and hiring a robo call service. Unfortunately, this can result in unintended consequences. That’s where we come in. There are issues and complexities, particularly when it comes to list management, that require a professional, and personal, hand of an experienced expert. This is a lot more than just dealing with a web interface. Top flight customer service is what separates us from the pack here at Monarch Broadcast and we are here to not only assist you, but guide you through the complexities -- all to accomplish the bottom line which is to get you the votes you need to win your race and enable you to serve your community and country in public office.

10) And lastly, if you are buying your time on a per minute basis, make sure that you are paying “from pick up to hang up.” That insures that you are not paying for unproductive minutes and you are only paying for the time you are actually connected to the voter -- no more, or less. Here are Monarch Broadcast, that’s the only way we bill you and it insures that you are getting full value for your robo call time.

Monarch Broadcast Messaging: Giving You the Edge in a Competitive Political Race with the Tools You Need to Win

It’s a jungle out there... and your campaign will need the latest technology to deliver your message. Moreover, you’ll need more than well intentioned organizers to pull it off. You’ll need an experienced hand that has been tested in the most challenging political contests on your side. We offer you both. That’s why political candidates come to Monarch -- to get the edge they need to pull off hard-fought victories. more

Political robo calls can be a crucial and important part of any campaign. But they aren’t the only thing that spells victory. Technologies such as Town Hall Teleconferencing are being used more at the state and county level to engage and interact with citizens. And automated polling is the most inexpensive way to get instant survey data that tracks the latest opinions of the voters. At Monarch Broadcast Messaging, we offer you those services, and better yet, without the need to purchase any equipment or hardware.

So whether you are running for town council, the state house, or even the presidency, we can help you reach your constituents and voters, quickly, easily, and at a rate your campaign can afford.

Political Calling that Gets Your Robo Calls Out to the Voters with the Right Message at the Right Time

Political robo call campaigns can’t be set on auto-pilot. In order to be effective they need to be designed with the right message, sent at the right time, and delivered to the right constituency. Most campaigns are close and ultimately decided by less than a few percentage points. That’s why it’s critical to give your campaign every advantage in two important areas -- first, in making sure your supporters get out and vote, and second, to convince the independent and undecided voters that you, and what you stand for, is their best choice for the future. more

An effective robo call campaign can do just that. Thousands of robo calls can be delivered almost instantaneously, and can be tailored to particular groups. For example, you can send one message customized for senior citizens, and another message about a hot topic that is a priority in a selected town or region. Because you can create different messages for different campaign constituencies, you can better target your robo call to those who will respond and appreciate it the most.

Phoning voters with GOTV (Get Out the Vote) calls, or Responding to Last Minute Attacks -- Political Robo Calls are the Least Expensive and Most Targeted Medium You Can Utilize.

Let’s say your opponent has launched a blistering last minute attack that doesn't leave you enough time to respond using the conventional media. Robo call broadcasting will enable you to address specific issues immediately. Better yet, you can target your message to people who actually vote, unlike mass media which wastes your money delivering ads to people who don't vote. more Robo calls are the least expensive way to drop targeted messages to specific voter groups. Now you can reach thousands of voters in minutes for a fraction of the cost of other media purchases. You can reach more voters faster and less expensively and you can deliver your message to voters, using your own voice. Nothing is more powerful than enabling voters to hear your ideas -- directly from you! Running a political campaign is challenging enough, so you don't need the extra headaches of wondering if your political robo calls are being delivered. With our full service, we'll upload your list, help you with your recordings and drop your messages at the time you want -- assisting you all the while with the most experienced, professional and personal service available in the industry. We use fiber optic lines to give you the highest quality and most reliable phone technology available, with rock solid and dependable reporting capabilities. We can also program the system to deliver your voice message directly to voters who pick up the phone and/or leave the same message on their answering machines. If you prefer a different message for answering machines, we can do that too.

When Campaign Timing is Critical, Political Robo Calls Save the Day.

It normally takes weeks to prepare mailings, not to mention the high cost of printing and postage. Now you can cut that time down to hours or even minutes, and pennies per voter, by using automated calls to reach the electorate. Have to respond to that last minute attack? No problem. Record your response and set the record straight. Your voters will have the information the same day. We do not provide services to opposing candidates in the same campaign, so don't be left out at the last minute because other candidates acted sooner. Take advantage of our broadcasting technology and get your political message out when it's needed the most!

NOTE: California and Indiana political calls need live operator to introduce pre-recorded message.

There are special laws in California and Indiana that require a live operator to introduce and obtain consent from the voters to listen to a pre-recorded message from the candidate. No problem! Our Online Phone Dialer service can help operators deliver more messages in less time than any other service available. Best of all, there is no equipment, hardware or software to buy and you can get the service on a temporary basis.

Status of various state laws governing political robo calls
  • Full one-on-one personal service to help you upload your lists, make your recording, and launch your job.
  • No charge for undelivered messages to busies, no answers or disconnected phones.
  • Leave messages to live answers and voice mail (answering machines.)
  • Robo calls dramatically cut campaign costs and reach thousands of voters in minutes.
  • Highly reliable reporting to insure you are not charged for calls that don't get through.
  • We use fiber optics to phone voters to guarantee the best quality broadcast.
  • Encourage voters in your own voice why their vote counts. Explain how your ideas will address their most urgent needs.
  • Perfect for responding to last minute attacks by setting the record straight.
  • Thank petition signers or let voters know when campaign workers will be in their area.
  • The easiest, most effective and least expensive way to alert people about upcoming events, especially those planned at the last minute.
  • Use the voices of popular and respected citizens to endorse your candidacy.