Political Robocalls


Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) political robocalls for candidates and organizations can get your message out to targeted voters at a fraction of the cost of other media.
  • Political robocalls can reach thousands of targeted voters in minutes.
  • Dramatically cut campaign costs and target your message.
  • Full one-on-one personal service to help you upload your lists, make your recording, and launch your job.
  • We offer the best value because we only charge for connected time — you only pay for delivered messages.  There is no charge for busies, no answers or disconnected phones.  If someone hangs up in the first few seconds, you don’t pay for the whole minute.
  • Leave messages to live answers and voicemail (answering machines.)
  • We use fiber optics to phone voters to guarantee the best quality broadcast.
  • Encourage voters in your own voice why their vote counts. Explain how your ideas will address their most urgent needs.
  • Perfect for responding to last minute attacks by setting the record straight.
  • Thank petition signers or let voters know when campaign workers will be in their area.
  • The easiest, most effective and least expensive way to alert people about upcoming events, especially those planned at the last minute.
  • Use the voices of popular and respected citizens to endorse your candidacy.
  • Highly reliable reporting to insure you are not charged for calls that don’t get through.

How Can Political Robocalls Help My Campaign?

Nothing is more powerful than enabling voters to hear your ideas — directly from you! Campaigns can’t be set on auto-pilot. In order to be effective they need to be designed with the right message, sent at the right time, and delivered to the right constituency. Since most campaigns are close and ultimately decided by less than a few percentage points, it’s critical you have ever advantage. That’s where robocalls come in. Now you can make sure your supporters get out and vote, while convincing independent and undecided voters that you, and what you stand for, is their best choice for the future.

What is the Best Way to Send Robocalls to Voters?

Tailor your robocalls to particular groups. For example, you can send one message customized for senior citizens, and another message about a hot topic that is a priority in a selected town or region. Because you can create different messages for different campaign constituencies, you can better target your robocall to those who will respond and appreciate it the most. Robocalls are the least expensive way to drop targeted messages to specific voter groups. Now you can reach thousands of voters in minutes for a fraction of the cost of other media purchases.

Why is Monarch Broadcast the Best Place to Handle Robocalls?

Running a political campaign is challenging enough, so you don’t need the extra headaches of wondering if your political robocalls are being delivered. With our full service, we’ll upload your list, help you with your recordings and drop your messages at the time you want — assisting you all the while with the most experienced, professional and personal service available in the industry.

Can I Leave a Message on Voters’ Voicemail?

Yes! We use fiber optic lines to give you the highest quality and most reliable phone technology available, with rock solid and dependable reporting capabilities. We can also program the system to deliver your voice message directly to voters who pick up the phone and/or leave the same message on their voicemail. If you prefer a different message for answering machines, we can do that too.

When Campaign Timing is Critical, Political Robocalls Save the Day.

Have to respond to that last minute attack? No problem. Record your response and set the record straight. Your voters will have the information the same day. We do not provide services to opposing candidates in the same campaign, so don’t be left out at the last minute because other candidates acted sooner. Take advantage of our broadcasting technology and get your political message out when it’s needed the most!

NOTE: California and Indiana political calls need live operator to introduce pre-recorded message.

There are special laws in California and Indiana that require a live operator to introduce and obtain consent from the voters to listen to a pre-recorded message from the candidate. No problem! Our Online Phone Dialer service can help operators deliver more messages in less time than any other service available. Best of all, there is no equipment, hardware or software to buy and you can get the service on a temporary basis.