How TRI Utility Cost Reductions Gets Refunds

Mistakes on Phone and Utility Bills Result in Big Refunds

We’re a telecommunications company and very familiar with the industry.  That’s why we’re surprised that more corporations and non-profits aren’t making more of an effort to lower expenses by having a professional auditing service look at their old phone and utility bills for mistakes and overcharges.

It turns out that an incredible 87% of companies are being overbilled.  These errors can result in substantial refunds — sometimes thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Million dollar plus refunds are not uncommon.

And it’s not just refunds.  Reductions in monthly service charges can be found which result in thousands of dollars of permanent savings as well.  The vast majority of the errors are financial, not technical.  In other words, you probably have the correct system, service, hardware and configuration, but you are simply not being billed properly.

Sure, you may have internal staff looking at these charges on a regular basis but that doesn’t mean they catch everything.  That’s why there are professional specialists who focus on obscure and arcane tariff issues that would otherwise be overlooked.  It takes years of training and experience to catch many of these mistakes.  That’s why it never hurts to a have new set of trained eyes — experienced in the phone and utility niche — to perform a deep-clean audit every few years.

The Go-To Phone and Utility Audit Company

In the phone/utility auditing industry, there is one “go-to” company that has compiled an impressive track record over the past 30 years — a company that has garnered the praises of its clients for the millions of lost dollars it has recovered and secured from the forgotten and ignored mistakes that have occurred on historical phone and utility bills.  That company is TRI Utility Cost Reductions (716-754-1752).

Over the years, TRI has compiled and enviable list of Fortune 500 clients.  But it serves a much broader base of customers as well — colleges and universities, hospitals, local governments and school districts — anyone and everyone who is interested in reducing their telecommunications and utility costs AND getting money back from past overcharges.

Modern Day Bounty Hunters

And the best part?  TRI’s business is modeled after a modern day “bounty hunter” so it works on a contingency basis.  In other words, if TRI can’t find any refunds or savings, there is no cost for its service.  They assume all the risk and guarantee you a refund.  If they come up empty handed, there is no cost.  If they are successful, and they usually are, the fee is 50% of whatever they find.  So from their clients’ point of view, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.  TRI calls it a “win-win” arrangement.

We are providing this information for the benefit of our current clients and those who are interested in making sure they aren’t paying more than they have to for their phone and utility bills.

Summary of What You Should Know About Getting Your Refund

Amazingly, you don’t have to change your phone or utility vendors.  You don’t even have to change the service you’re getting now.

TRi will ask you for a letter of authorization so it can get phone and utility records directly from your vendors going back 7 years.  That solves the big problem of you trying to locate and find bills that are long gone.  You will be asked to provide a full copy of your most recent bills.

The audit is performed at their offices, not yours.  That saves valuable time and space.

The audit can take a month, or several months, depending on the complexity of your bills.  TRI will keep you informed of the progress and let you know when you can expect to see refunds and/or savings.
Your refund check will be coming from your vendor and payable directly to you.  You only pay TRI after you receive your refund or savings.

Bill Analysis:  What TRI Audits

There are number of things TRI looks at when it analyzes your old bills.  We were able to obtain this list of areas where common overcharges occur:

Monthly service charge errors
PRIs / T1s / Digital Data / Fractional T1s / VOIP
Private Line Networks: Off-premise voice extensions / Data / Internet
Analysis of Invoices to contracts
Analysis of Invoices to customer service record (CSR)
Comparison of CSRs to inventory
Duplicate service billing
Circuit services (analog, digital or VOIP) no longer used due to network upgrades
Billing of non-requested or previously disconnected services
Vestiges / Components of former services
Network Utilization
Improper tariff or ICB rates
Centrex Fees
Taxes & Surcharges & E-911 charges — Federal, State & Local
Local, long distance and regional usage fees & rates
Bundles usage & service packages
Toll-Free service
Invoice accuracy
Incorrect meter reading
Faulty meters
Redundant billing charges
Usage or consumption charges
Tariffs rates & billing platforms
Billing structure
Demand readings
Meter Constants
Estimated billing

Monarch Broadcast Messaging is proud to refer our clients and others to TRI Utility Cost Reductions and highly recommend that you have an audit performed to see what kind of refunds and cost reductions you are due.  Like they say — “you have nothing to lose!”