Sending Recorded Phone Messages: 10 Things You Should Know


Here is a step-by-step “cheat sheet” on how to best utilize the latest technology to send recorded phone messages to a large group of people — from dozens to thousands.  This technology is called phone or voice broadcasting and it enables you to go online and upload a targeted list of phone numbers along with a voice recording.  You can then quickly send that recording over the phone to everyone on your list.  You can reach hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously with important announcements and notifications.

Sending recorded phone messages is easier than you think.  Because you don’t need any special hardware or software, and because we provide the service and platform for you, there is no need for any expensive set up or lengthy lead time.  Everything is in place and ready to go.  Sending recorded phone messages to live people or voicemail is the most effective, yet inexpensive way, to get all of your important message notifications out fast.  Thanks to today’s state of the art communication tools you can get a large quantity of your messages out to your contacts simultaneously and in seconds.  The applications are numerous — appointment confirmations, reminders, emergency notifications, schedule changes or cancellations and more.

If time is of the essence and you want to skip this article, you can go directly to our phone broadcasting service page here.

You’ll find that phone broadcasts are an effective, highly convenient, fast and easy way to reach thousands of people simultaneously.  There simply isn’t an easier or more effective way to reach the people on your contact list today.  There are NO overhead costs with our “software as a service” setup.  You only pay pennies per message delivered, and you only pay when you use the service.

Below you’ll find an outline — a manual of sorts — on how to approach your phone broadcasting project and what you’ll need to successfully complete your goals.

1)  You Need Two Things:  Sending recorded phone messages only requires two things — a list of phone numbers you want to reach and a message that you want to record. With those two things in hand, you’ve completed most of the work involved.

2)  How to Create a Phone List:  The number one “how to” question that we receive regarding sending recorded phone messages, is “What kind of format (spreadsheet) do my phone contact lists need to be in?”  Create a list of phone numbers in an Excel file.  Be sure you have a current list of phone numbers and look at your list to make sure that you have a 10 digit phone number, including area code, in one column for each contact.  The most universal format, and the easiest to work with, is an Excel spreadsheet. So when you are putting together a list of phone numbers, either create it in excel or export your current list into an Excel spreadsheet.

Generally speaking, the only information we need are the phone numbers.  There is no need to include addresses and other extraneous information.  It is also extremely important to make sure that the area code and phone number are presented in the same column as a 10 digit number.

3)  How to Create a Recorded Message:  Your message should be simple and to the point, and be sure to identify yourself and what you are calling about, so that you can capture your recipients’ attention.  The message you want to send is the most important part of your preparation, and probably the area where most people fail to get the most out of their call blast. Prior to recording your message, read a draft several times out loud so you are comfortable with it.  Generally speaking, keep your message length between 30-60 seconds so that your recipients don’t become frustrated with too much information.

When you are satisfied with your message, it’s time to record.  You can record your message right over the phone.  We provide both self service and full service options.  You can call a toll free number and follow the prompts, or we can call you directly to record your message.  When you are doing the recording, speak clearly and distinctly, and don’t rush your message.  You also have the option of recording the message yourself in a .wav file and sending it to us.

4)  How to Send Your Recorded Phone Message to Your List:  Once your list and recording are in hand, you are ready to send your call blast.  The process for that is highly variable.  We have an online portal you can log into to launch the call yourself.  Or we can launch the call for you at the time you specify.  Whatever your preferences are, call blasting phone messages can be designed to suit your purpose and provide you with a convenient and cost effective to reach out to thousands of contacts at once.

When you begin your phone broadcasting program, you have a choice to make.  You can launch the jobs yourself or you can have us do it for you.  There are advantages to both.  Generally speaking, there is little or no difference in cost.  Here’s a quick run down on how each service works.

5)  How Full Service Works:  If you would like us to do everything for you, that can be easily arranged.  You just email us your phone list and we’ll upload it for you.  Then, you have us call you at your convenience and we can record you reading your prepared script over the phone.  We’ll send your message out at the time you request. That’s the easiest and most convenient way to launch a phone broadcast.

6)  How Self Service (DIY: Do-It-Yourself) Works:  We provide you a user name and password, and you log into your online account.  You upload your phone list (don’t worry, we give you all the instructions) and recordings, and schedule and launch your jobs yourself.  This is the perfect system for schools, colleges, financial services, and others who want 24/7 access and complete control sending recorded phone messages.  You don’t have to be a technical person to understand it or use it.  We can walk you through everything over the phone and you’ll get written step by step instructions as well.

7)  Leaving Recorded Messages on Voicemail:  One of the most valuable features of sending recorded phone messages is that the technology knows when a person picks up the phone, versus voicemail.  Based on your project, it’s possible to have the phone blast system play the recorded message to the person who answers the phone, or simply leave a message when it determines and hears the voicemail machine’s electronic beep.  In addition, you actually have both options available to you, and if you decide to call during the day when the majority of American’s aren’t at home, your system will be able to leave more of its messages on voicemail.

Leaving messages is actually ideal for most purposes because your important message won’t be disturbing or interrupting anyone.  When the recipient is ready to listen to your message it will be at their convenience.  This will also increase the chances that they’ll listen to your entire message.

8)  Sending Recorded Phone Messages (Phone Broadcasting) and the Law:  You cannot use phone blasting for telemarketing or sales messages for services or products, without first getting written permission from those on your list.  However, phone calls that are intended for informative purposes are legal.  Informational calls include things like flight delays, school closure alerts, college alumni event announcements, etc.  Federal agencies vigorously enforce the laws and heavy fines have been levied.  Keep yourself safe by insuring that the phone numbers on your list have “opted-in.”

9)  The Cheapest Way for Sending Recorded Phone Messages:  The best value you can get is our pay-as-you-go solution that enables you to send messages whenever you want.  There are no monthly service charges or minimums and you only pay for the calls that are successfully delivered and reach your target.  Everything is done online, and in the cloud.  You don’t need to install any equipment or software.  How does this system dramatically cut your costs?  Because you are not charged per number on your list.  Instead you are only charged for the recorded messages that are received by the numbers on your list.  In other words, if a phone number is busy, or if there is no answer, or the line is disconnected, you pay nothing.  On average, you will probably only get through to 80% of the numbers on your list, so why would you want to pay for the numbers you never get to?  Our system offers you 6-second billing increments, so if someone hangs up the phone within 12 seconds of receiving your message, you only pay for 12 seconds, not a full minute.  Put it another way — you only pay for “connected time” which will save you a small fortune in costs.

10)  How to Set Up an Account:  It’s easy to set up a new account and it only takes a few minutes.  Call us at 888-387-8636 or use the Contact Us button on this webpage.  You also have the option of having us provide full-service, in that we can upload your lists, record your message over the phone, all at no additional cost.  It’s completely turn-key, so just let us know when you want your message delivered, and we’ll do all the behind the scenes work.  Moreover, everything can be accomplished online for a fast, easy process and delivers excellent results.

As soon as you set up your account — and again, we can help you with that — and your phone list and recorded message is ready, you’re ready to roll out your project.  Let us know when you want your call to go out during the day, and we’ll get it out at the time you specify.   We then deliver your alert to thousands of customers, members, students, parents, or anyone else you want to reach to send out important news about closings, scheduling, reservation changes, or anything affected by a severe weather event.

There are a number of important benefits in sending prerecorded messages to a mass audience via phone broadcasting.  Not only can you quickly send out a message to a large group of people to alert them to any emergency situation, or to pass along notifications regarding announcements, schedule changes or other important information, but you’ll be able to target and reach more people in less time than any other medium.

Setting up an account is free, so give us a call at 888-387-8636 and let’s start working to get your recorded messages out to your contacts so they can get your latest information quickly and easily.