P2P Texting

Peer to peer texting is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience quickly with high engagement at affordable rates.

  • No opt-in list required
  • Send a simple outbound message or engage in a conversation
  • Set response templates or questions in advance for consistency
  • Option to personalize each message with inserts, such as names
  • Agents can work remotely from anywhere
  • Agents can send thousands of individual messages per hour
  • Choose your “from” area code based on recipients location or yours
  • Simple easy to use interface
  • No special software or equipment needed
  • Excellent customer service to help you every step of the way

Why is Peer to Peer (P2P) an Important Technology?

With so many individuals no longer owning a landline, it can be difficult to reach contacts on a cell phone.  Communications laws prohibit robocalls and blast texts to cell phones, unless you have an opt-in list. So how do you reach those demographics that only have cell phones?  P2P, or peer to peer, texting is the solution.  Monarch Broadcast Messaging can enable you to use the latest texting technology to broaden your reach and increase response.  Our robust Peer to Peer (P2P) texting platform provides you with the convenience to send individual text messages to thousands of your contacts rapidly.  Better yet, your agents or volunteers can work from anywhere.

How is P2P Different than Blast Texting?

Actually, they are different in several ways.  Blast texting sends out a message to thousands of people all at the same time through an automated system without human involvement.  P2P texts are sent out one at a time with human involvement, though you can send them very rapidly.  Blast texting is basically a one way communication tool, while P2P allows conversations to happen if desired – P2P is more personal in nature.  Because blast texting is an automated service, it  requires an opt-in list, whereas P2P is initiated only with human interaction and does not require an opt-in list.

What are the Best Applications for P2P Texting?

P2P is excellent for both political campaigns and higher education.  

For political campaigns, you can use peer to peer to introduce a candidate and what they stand for, remind them to vote (GOTV), send a URL linked to their website, gauge public opinion, identify volunteers and fundraise, as a few examples.

For higher education, the development office might engage alumni to get feedback on their experience at the institution, promote alumni events, and fundraise to name a few.  It is an excellent tool when a more personal approach will yield a better result.

What are some P2P Best Practices?

First and foremost, a positive message always plays better than an attack ad. The general public does not want to receive negative text messages on their cell phones. In addition, the message should identify the office or person the message is being sent on behalf of.  

If you are sending a URL in the body of the message, be sure to use a legitimate full URL, rather than, as an example, a tinyurl, which can be flagged by mobile carriers and not be delivered.  

If you are in higher education and contacting alumni, you should use personalization to build a rapport with your recipients.  

How Does Peer to Peer Texting Work?

We will set up your P2P campaign for you, assign agents or volunteers to your campaign, and provide you with login information for your personnel.  Once they login to the system, from any computer in any location, they will simply pull from a list of contacts and send out the preset message one by one.  It is a very simple and straightforward system.  Any responses from people they texted will enter an inbox, where they can be read and/or responded to depending upon your objective and set up.

Are There any Limitations to my Message Length?

Mobile carriers consider 160 characters the maximum for one billable message.  If your message is longer, the carriers will “stitch it” together so that your recipients receive a single message, rather than several pieces.  However, they bill in 160 character increments, so a 240 character message will bill as 2 messages, not one.

In addition, any responses you receive back from your recipients are also billable.  Even if you are only sending a simple outbound message, you should expect 2-3% of your recipients to make a response of some type.

Why Is Peer to Peer Text Messaging So Powerful?

The most personal medium to connect with people is on their cell phones.  With high open rates and speedy response times, peer to peer texting is a clear choice to connect with your audience. Recipients feel like they are talking to a human and that there is a genuine connection.  And since many people do not have landlines anymore, you can reach some demographics that otherwise could not connect with.

Peer to peer text messaging provides a way for your team to personally send a text to thousands of individuals through effective technology and organization.

Each year, texting continues to be the dominant form of communication for people. According to Business Insider, each person receives up to 1,831 text messages and send 2,022 a month. It keeps growing every year. Still, organizations rarely use it as a source to connect with their audience. It’s an open platform, full of opportunity. 

As new generations are born, texting is becoming part of life as we know it. Today, we text more than talk on the phone. Many people prefer to communicate exclusively through text messages. Times have changed and so have the resources that allow us to connect with others. 

You can harness this technology to dramatically improve communications with your audience.

Peer to peer text messaging gives you a distinct advantage. You can communicate with thousands of people, while still maintaining a personal connection. 

When they respond, you can continue a productive conversation with custom or preconfigured responses, depending upon your objectives. 

It is affordable but also very powerful. While other marketing and communication platforms are saturated, peer to peer text messaging remains an untapped source for effective outreach.

Get the benefits of using the latest technology for the best results. With great cloud software, an amazing and attentive customer service team, you position your organization for success. 

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