Phone Broadcasting Food Recall Alerts

Is it just our imagination, or is there really a new food recall announcement everyday on the news?  This past week, peanuts have been the culprit.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  If you are food manufacturer or retailer and are fortunate enough to have the phone numbers of your customers, phone broadcasting is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to get the news out about a recall.  We just got a call from Sam's Club about a certain product they were recalling.  Sam's membership system keeps track of what each customer purchases, so a product look up and getting a customer's number is easy.  Some large retailers have Shopper's Clubs that may have customer phone numbers.  However, you compile your database of phone numbers, once you have it, it's easy to upload online and launch your broadcast.  We can call a 100,000 numbers in less than 30 minutes.