How Much Do Political Robocalls Cost?


Every phone broadcasting company has its own way of pricing political robocalls, and it can be difficult to compare them.  So when you ask, “How Much Do Political Robocalls Cost?” this is what you should know:

Price Per Dial or Price Per Call

A company might advertise a very low price per call or per dial for political robocalls.  But what you may not realize is that you pay to call every number on your list, whether the message is delivered or not.  In other words, you pay for calls that are busy, no answers or bad numbers, in addition to the ones that answered.  You also pay the full price for calls that are answered live but hang up quickly.  The effect is that you are paying a lot more than the price advertised, for the calls that are delivered to a live person or their voicemail.  Frequently the length of your recording is also constrained to a certain length of time as well.

Price Per Connect

Another company may bill per connect for political robocalls.  With this pricing scheme, you don’t pay for busy or no answers.  However, you will still be paying the full price for calls that are answered but hang up quickly, and that can happen a lot. So you are wasting money and paying for a fully delivered message that was only a partial delivery.  Almost always the recording length is restricted to a certain amount of time.

Connect Time

Our pricing method generally reaps the lowest cost overall for political robocalls.  We bill on “connected time” – from pick up to hang up (or message completed, whichever comes first).  You do not pay for busy, no answers or bad numbers.  Moreover, if someone answers but hangs up quickly, you only pay for the amount of time they were actually on the phone!  As a result your costs are minimized as much as possible. You only pay for legitimate contacts made with your recipients.  We use very high quality carriers to provide the clearest sounding calls to your recipients.

In addition, our pricing method includes a considerable amount of customer service on your behalf.  We provide one-on-one dedicated assistance.  In addition to going over your requirements for the calls, we will format and upload your list.  Once your list is in the system, we will automatically scrub out numbers that are not in compliance with current law.  We will also provide you an automated recording line for you to record your message.  If you already have a recording, we can format it properly if need be.  After that, you tell us the time and date you want your message to go out, and we’ll launch your calls.  Meantime, we will monitor your calls while they are sending and provide you with reports.  This will free up your time to attend to other campaign matters.

Either call us at 888-387-8636 or fill out our quick quote form and we will be happy to provide you with a price estimate for your calls.  Please visit our main Political Robocall Service page here for more details.