Robocalling Services:  How to Get Out the Vote


Robocalling services are an excellent way to motivate people to get out the vote during the final weeks of a campaign.

They can eliminate the labor intensive task of calling eligible voters on the days before the election. You reach thousands of people without having to get hundreds of volunteers.

While you, your staff and volunteers are eliciting last minute donations and meeting with large groups at town hall meetings, you can set up robocalls to handle the simpler tasks.

Introduce a Candidate to Voters

While voting is a right given to every American citizen, most people do not vote.

One of the main reasons people do not vote is because they do not feel they know enough about the people on the ballot.

Canvassing is still an important method for reaching out to people and getting out the vote, but robocalls allow the politician to speak directly with his or her constituents.

Accordingly, sending out a robocall is a great way to introduce yourself personally to numerous people. Let voters know who you are and what they can expect from you.

Tell voters all about the issues you believe will affect their lives. Connect with them in a way other candidates won’t.

By reaching out to them in such a personal manner, voters will feel a connection to you.

Most people do not have the time to attend an event or seek out face to face time with every candidate.

This is a way for you to reach out to them and put a voice and personality to the name they will see on election day.

Educate Constituents on the Issues

Use robocalling services to educate your constituents on the issues they will be asked to vote on.

Often constituents arrive at the polls without having educated themselves on every issue. Many people do not have time to read up on all the issues.
Therefore, it is common for voters to only partially complete their ballots. Because of this, many important issues are decided by a small minority of the population.

Robocalling services are a great way to inform people on the issues that may have received less attention in the media.

Answer Specific Questions

One of the reasons voters choose not to vote on some issues is because they have unanswered questions.

Generally, people do not know how to get their questions answered. As a result, they choose not to vote on some issues.

Our robocalling system allows you to design a message with an option to be connected to a representative. You can have representatives ready to answer those calls and give personal assistance to your constituents.

Our robocalling services allow them to simply touch a button and be immediately connected to a representative.

Help People Get to the Polls

The elderly and disadvantaged vote much less than other populations.
This is often due to not having a ride to the polls on election day.

You can set up a robocall telling people how to call a ride giving services. You can even have them press a button to be immediately connected to a ride giving service.

Get Information from Your Voters

When you’re running a campaign it’s important to understand what your voters care about.

With our robocall services, you can create a survey or conduct a poll, as well.

Conduct a poll to find out what your constituents are concerned about or design a survey to gather statistics on important topics.

Your political robocall can include a survey. The automated survey lets people respond directly by pressing buttons on their keypad.

You can create a series of multiple choice questions which will give you insight into your voters thoughts and concerns.

Our robocall services also allow you to create dynamic call lists. Based on how voters respond to the questions they answer, secondary call lists can be created for further targeted communications.

Call Voters to Action

Robocalls are a great way to get more volunteers to help your campaign. Send invitations to fundraisers and important campaign updates instantly.

Let Us Make Your Campaign Successful

We have helped with hundreds of campaigns and we know how to design effective robocall messages and surveys.

For instance, we know that the average voter has a short attention span on the phone. Therefore, we can advise and help you structure your message to grab their attention and keep them on the phone.

We also know the law. Political robocalls must carry political disclaimers (like those found on TV ads and direct mail letters), and may be subject to restrictions on what times the calls may be placed, or other regulations. We will help instruct you on these laws so you and your campaign avoid fines or other negative consequences.

Robocalls Can Change an Election

Robocalling services can have a huge effect on your campaign.
They have the potential to reach marginalized people, educate voters, answer questions and much more.

However, robocalls are only as effective as their structure and the message you use. Creating effective robocalls is an art. It involves understanding how people respond to receiving these calls and designing them accordingly.

While there are many robocalling services, we have spent years studying what works and will personally assist you in creating your messages and surveys. Give us a call at 888-387-8636 and we’ll get you set up right away.