Telephone Surveys - Follow-Up Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Phone surveys, conducted both automatically and by live agents, is one of our core services here at Monarch Broadcast Messaging and you call us at 888-387-8636 to learn more.  You can also go directly to our product page here:

In this competitive business environment, it is crucial that you continue to interact with customers post-purchase. Customer satisfaction surveys fit the bill. Not only is it another "touch" with the customer, but you can gather valuable information from them that will help you measure and improve your performance for future customers.

Automated phone surveys are a simple and inexpensive way to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. There is no need to hire personnel or purchase extra equipment to conduct the surveys. The entire system for sending automated surveys is fully hosted and in-the-cloud. All you need to do is create a survey script that will help you gather the information that would be most useful to you.

While surveys should gather useful information, they should also be as brief as possible so that you do not lose your customers' attention. Most people do not mind answering 2-4 brief questions, but lengthy surveys will discourage people from answering the entire survey. So plan your script carefully to generate the greatest feedback.

Survey questions are answered by your callees pressing keys on their touch tone phone, so be sure to make the answer choices very clear. For example, "How would you rate the overall performance of your salesperson, for excellent press 1, for average press 2, for poor press 3."

When sending out your calls, you will, in all likelihood, reach a certain number of answering machines or voicemails. Obviously machines cannot respond to a survey. You have two options for dealing with this. 1) You can choose to just have the call disconnected, or 2) You can leave a different message on their voicemail such as "This is ABC company just calling to follow up on your recent purchase. We are sorry that we missed you, but if you have any issues or concerns please feel free to call us as 123-456-7890. We would like to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Thank you."

For live answers, you may want to give the survey respondent the ability to press a key to speak with a live operator, at the end of the survey, if they have an issue or comment to make. Once they press the key, the call can be immediately transferred to your customer service department.

Give us a call at 888-387-8636. Set up is fast and easy and you can start seeing your real-time results online in no time. Knowing what your customers are thinking is the key to your future success, and phone surveys can provide you an excellent solution when it comes to gathering important data and opinions.

Telephone Polling - Automated Surveys Over the Phone Preferred

Phone surveys is one of our core offerings here at Monarch Broadcast, so give us a call today at 888-387-8636 and let us show you how you can incorporate the latest polling techniques into your continuing efforts to improve your operations.

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There are three compelling reasons why businesses, associations, and political organizations, are turning to automated telephone surveys to gather opinions and polling data. Automated surveys use pre-recorded questions to survey subjects who answer by pressing numbers on their phone keypads. For example, "Do you like vanilla ice cream? Press 1 for yes, 2 for no."

1) The first reason automated phone polling has become so popular is because it becoming more and more difficult to reach people who actually answer the phone. It is estimated that approximately 70% of American households are vacant during the day and a large portion of the evening -- and that's just the households that still have a landline phone to call. A growing percentage of households have cut the cord completely and communicate only on cell phones. In a nutshell, hiring a live agent to make dozens of call to find a person who not only answers the phone, but is interested in cooperating by participating in a poll or survey, is challenging to say the least. Automated polling is substantially faster and more efficient, not only in terms of phone dialing capacity, but in quickly gathering enough results to have your results statistically valid. (It should be noted that is against the law to auto-dial cell phones.)

2) Money is always an issue, and when it comes to getting the most bang-per-buck, you can't beat automating your survey process. Comparing automated polling with polling with live agents is like comparing apples with oranges. Retaining the services of a dial-out call center is expensive and your per-person survey cost could be dozens, even hundreds of times, more costly than having your questions broadcast with a online dialer.

3) Automated phone surveys also eliminate possible bias on the part of the your agent. An agent may be having a bad day for any number of reasons, or may not even like his or her job. Those subtle, or not-to-subtle, feelings can have an impact on those you are calling. It happens at times -- your survey participants just don't like the person who is asking the questions. They might talk too fast, or talk too slow, or might be hard to understand. Whatever the reason, an automated poll resolves any "human issues" that crop up and your participants can answer the questions at their own pace and level of satisfaction.

Polling your members, constituents, or customers, shouldn't be difficult. Here at Monarch Broadcast, we have paved the way for you to get your polling and survey results quickly, easily and at a price that fits the most conservative budgets.

Conducting Phone Surveys - Why They Work and How They Can Help

Surveying opinions has been going on for centuries.  Fortunately, technology has always marched on, and today's surveyors have a tremendous advantage over their colleagues just a few years ago.  Currently, the latest survey technology can be found "in the cloud" and can be easily accessed online.  Better yet, compiling data can be done in the fraction of the time it used to take.  Moreover, the accuracy of your results have improved because of the targeting of survey participants.

You can more detailed project information at our Phone Survey page, by clicking here:

Meanwhile, here are some of the things you'll need to consider for conducting surveys, particularly automated surveys over the phone.

1)  Live agents vs. pre-recorded surveying:  Yes, live operators have more control over the line of questioning and can adapt the survey "on the fly" getting a personal sense and reaction of the survey subject.  However, live operator surveys cost substantially more to engage in your project.  Chances are, you can obtain the same results for much less using a pre-recorded survey that is self-directed on the part of your target audience.  Our company, Monarch Broadcast Messaging, does offer live agent calling for political polling purposes, but the vast majority of our clients prefer automated phone surveys because they are much faster and less expensive than hiring a staff to do outbound calling.  In a nutshell, you can cover a lot more ground by phone broadcasting a survey to thousands in minutes versus calling and talking to hundreds, or just dozens of people manually with live operators in the same amount of time.

2)  Query branching:  It's amazing what state-of-the-art surveying technology can accomplish these days.  Gathering data can be tricky at times, and the answer to one question can determine what question to ask next.  For example, "Do you like apple pie?"  The answer can be yes or no.  If the answer is no, the next question could be, "Do you like cake?"  However, if the answer is yes, the next question could be, "Do you prefer your apple pie warm or cold?"  That process is called "branching" or "skip logic" and can be easily applied to your survey program.  It "drills down" and gets more detailed information, at a faster pace, than other methods.

3)  Trying to direct people to your webpage to take a survey is an effort in futility.  Don't have people come to you.  It's best if you go to them.  And the best way to reach people personally is by phone -- everyone has one!  However, your phone list is the key to a successful survey project and how you compile your list can spell all the difference in the world.  You also have to remember that you cannot use an automated dialing system to send any kind of message to a cell phone.  (The exception is cell numbers that have opted-in to your list.  If you want to call cell phone numbers in the future, you are well advised to start create a permission based opt-in system that can capture those cell phone numbers for future calls or text messages.)

These are just some of the considerations you will need to take into account when it comes to designing your survey program.  Your best bet is to just give a call at here at Monarch Broadcast at 888-387-8636 and work with you to put together a telephone survey that will provide you the data you need to manage and prepare your organization for the future.

How to Set Up a Telephone Opinion Survey

The key to any successful enterprise, be it a business, association, or political organization, is to know what your customers, members and constituents are thinking at any given time. Today's thoughts and opinions are old news by tomorrow, so getting the latest views is critically important to your success.

Helping you do that is one of our core services here at Monarch Broadcast Messaging, so give us a call today at 888-387-8636 and let us show you how you can get the latest "pulse" by compiling real time survey results online with our phone survey service.

You can also get more information by going directly to our Phone Survey page by clicking here:

Setting up a phone survey is relatively easy. In fact, our professionally trained staff can do the bulk of the work for you. However, there are a few pieces of information that we do need from you. Here are some of the questions we will ask you:

• Do you have a list of phone numbers that you want to contact? What kind of format is that list in?

• What will be the theme of your survey? How many questions would you like to ask? The more we know about the information you would like to gather, the better we can advise you.

• Do you have a written script of your survey and the answer choices? It is important to map out your script carefully so that you gather the information that is most useful to you.

• Do you have the ability to send us recorded audio files of your questions? Or do you want us to use our voice talent to ask the questions? We can also do the recordings with you over the phone as well.

• If you reach a voicemail, rather than a live individual, do you want the call to just disconnect or do you want to leave an entirely different message?

• Do you want to play the questions sequentially, or do you want to have branching? Branching is the ability to tailor subsequent questions based on previous responses.

• What date(s) and time frame(s) do you want the calls to be sent, and how many attempts would you like us to make to reach numbers that are not live answers.

Once we have that information, we can set up your survey for you and test it with you to make sure it runs smoothly and gathers the proper information. Bottom line: There is no equipment, hardware or software costs involved. We have everything already set up, and best of all, you only pay for time on our system you use -- no more or less.