Automated Phone Surveys (IVR)

Get immediate feedback by sending your pre-recorded questions to customers, members and voters by using the latest automated phone surveys (IVR) technology. Your contacts can respond by speaking or using their keypads. It’s the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to compile real time survey data.
    • Instantly reach thousands of members, customers or constituents and get real time results with our automated phone surveys.
    • No hardware or software necessary.
    • Full online reporting that provides you the comprehensive data you need to make decisions.
    • Customizable introductions and questions can be tailored to maximize response rate.
    • Caller ID numbers (the number that appears when you call your survey respondents) can be customized to increase credibility and survey responses.
    • Skip-logic capabilities allows questions to be “branched” — when a respondent answers one question a certain way, they will receive an appropriate follow up question that matches their response.
    • Rotating answer and question capabilities to prevent response bias.
    • Voice response capabilities to open ended questions.
    • Prevents early key presses to prevent answer skewing.
    • Full service option enables you to launch surveys quickly, with no ramp-up time and no training necessary.
    • Online do-it-yourself features enable you to take control of your survey and monitor real-time progress.
    • No need to make people find your survey online, when you can bring the survey to them, directly to their phone.
    • Schedule your surveys ahead of time.
    • Flexible system enables you to include text to speech, hotkey transfer to live operators, and data collection.
    • Messages are sent over fiber optic lines for dependable reporting and proven high-quality transmission.

Why is an Automated Phone Survey with IVR (interactive voice response) a Better Way to Conduct a Survey?

Automated phone surveys use pre-recorded questions, rather than live agents, to get feedback from the public.  This makes the survey process much more efficient and cost-effective and produces quicker results.  Whether you are finding out what people think about your product/service or government policies or candidates, automated phone surveys can get the information and data you need to make decisions and move forward with confidence.

What is the Advantage to Using Your Survey Service?

Our survey system is already set up and ready to go so you don’t have to think about investing in any hardware or software.  Just compile your phone list, along with your questions, and your survey can be launched very quickly.  We’ll help you record your questions in your voice, or ours if you want.  We’ll assist you every step of the way.  In fact, our full service option doesn’t cost a penny more.  Another advantage is that there is no need to go to considerable expense of hiring an outside firm that employs live callers to compile results.  Moreover, people are frequently more responsive to an automated survey because it is more private and they don’t have to share their opinions with a live person.

When Time is of the Essence, Get Instant Survey Results

Automated campaign surveys by phone can be set up quickly and easily to give you immediate polling results.  Now everything can be automated at a fraction of the cost just by using the latest interactive voice response technology that gives everyone an opportunity to give you the valued feedback you need to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Are Phone Surveys Better Than Online Surveys?

Generally, the answer is yes.  While online surveys can delve into more details, it takes an enormous effort and cost to get people online to take your survey in the first place.  By broadcasting your survey over the phone, you’ve just saved your target audience a big step. They just answer the phone and press a few buttons on their keypad — nothing can be more convenient, easier or faster.  Response rates will increase and you’ll be doing your respondents a favor by saving them time and aggravation.

How Do Automated Phone Surveys Work?

Just record your questions (we can help you.)  For example, “Do you like apple pie? Press #1 for yes, #2 for no, or #3 for don’t know.”  Our automated phone survey system couldn’t be easier — completely intuitive and straight forward so your targeted survey audience can respond quickly and accurately by pressing their touch tone phone pads which will immediately register their choices.  The perfect way for you to get the pulse of your survey subjects in less time and cost than other methods.

What is Skip-Logic?

Your respondents can be asked questions based on their answer to a previous question. For example, if you ask “Do you like apple pie?, press 1 for yes or press 2 for no”, the next question they hear will depend on how they answered. Those that pressed 1 might hear, “Do you like ice cream with your apple pie” while those that pressed 2 might hear, “Do you prefer cake instead.”  The bottom line is that there is no need to have people answer questions that don’t apply to them. Not only will you have better data, but it will also cut your costs because it will shorten the length of the calls.  In addition, if you reach an answering machine you can choose to hang up or leave an entirely different message, rather than a survey.

Get Set Up Now to Find Out What People are Thinking

Want to get the latest “pulse” from your customers or voters?  Opinions and trends can change overnight, consumers can be fickle, and influencers can come out of the blue to impact sentiments. Now you can get instant feedback on what people are thinking today. The most successful organizations stay on top of changing viewpoints by using automated phone surveys to hone in on reactions to breaking news, announcements, or to just get a feel for reputational awareness. At costs which are a fraction of using live agents, we can set you up quickly and get you the instant results you need to make your next move.  Call us at 888-387-8636 and find out how easy it is to get started.