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Whether you need to blast out emergency alerts, school closings, airline schedules changes, product recall notices, or service confirmations, our online services are easy to use, either on a do-it-yourself basis or with professional assistance.

Call blasting phone messages, which does not require any investment in equipment or special software, really requires only two things -- a list of phone numbers you want to reach, and a message that you want to record. With those two things in hand, you've completed most of the work involved.

Your list of phone numbers for a call blast should be in a simple Excel file. Be sure you have a current list of phone numbers and look at your list to make sure that you have a 10 digit number, including area code, for each contact.

The message you want to send is the most important part of your preparation, and probably the area where most people fail to get the most out of their call blast. Draft a message and read through it so that you are comfortable with it, prior to recording. Your message should be simple and to the point, and be sure to identify yourself and what you are calling about, so that you can capture your recipients' attention. For most purposes, keep your message length between 30-60 seconds so that your recipients don't become frustrated with too much information.

When you are satisfied with your message, it's time to record. How the recording is managed is highly dependent upon your service provider and the type of service they provide -- self service or full service. Some service providers ask you to call into a toll free number and follow the prompts, while others will actually call you to do the recording and walk you through the entire process. When you are doing the recording, speak clearly and distinctly, and don't rush your message.

Once your list and recording are in hand, you are ready to send your call blast. The process for that is highly variable. Some providers have an online portal for you to login to and launch the call blast yourself, while others will launch it for you on the date and time you designate. Whatever your preferences are, call blasting phone messages can be designed to suit your purpose and provide you with a convenient and cost effective to reach out to thousands of contacts at once.

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