Tele-Town Hall®: 4 Things You Should Know Before Conducting a Virtual Meeting

Mass communication can take on several forms, but Tele-Town Hall® technology is unquestionably the most effective way to virtually engage an audience of thousands. It is, quite literally, a town hall style meeting on a telephone conference call that can accommodate any number of people, from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands.

This technology is being embraced not only for political outreach, but for association and corporate purposes as well. It is an ideal way for non-profit groups and businesses to provide important updates and to enable stakeholders to engage their leadership and express their thoughts and opinions.

Best of all, your constituents, members, or interested parties, don't have to remember when to dial into the conference.  The system dials-out to them.  Everyone just picks up the phone and is asked if they want to join your call.  If they want to participate, they just need to stay on the line.  They can also simply hang up if they are unable to participate at that time.  (Some clients have found it useful to send a phone message a day beforehand, to let people know a conference is scheduled and to expect to receive an invite.  Many look forward to the call and joining the conference.)

Tele-Town Hall® is one of the many services we offer here at Monarch Broadcast and here is a quick review on how it all works:

1)  There is no equipment or software to purchase.  The service can be accessed online so you only need a regular phone and an Internet connection.  We can set up your account within a couple of minutes and there are no start-up costs, and we also schedule your event on the date and time that you want.

2)  Once you have your account, we give you one-on-one training so you know exactly what to do when your Tele-Town Hall® starts.

3)  Next, prepare your phone list in a regular spreadsheet.  Many additional fields can also be accommodated such as name, address, city, zip, state, company etc.  Phone numbers, including area code, should be in one column.  If you are wanting to reach a specific demographic, you can target your list to reach that group. Your list can then be emailed to us, to upload into your account.

4) Finally, your prompts need to be recorded.  Your prompts are the messages that we will deliver to live answers and answering machines when we dial out to your list to invite them to participate.  The live answers will be invited to join the conference.  Answering machine answers will receive a message that essentially says "sorry we missed you" and identifies who was calling and the purpose of the call.  Either way, your audience will know that you reached out to engage them.

There are a number of advantages this amazing technology offers.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

The system can dial hundreds of phone numbers simultaneously, so when you start your conference you can expect to see a large number of people joining very quickly.  The system gives you real-time statistics so that you can see how many people are on your call at any time.  Please remember that people will be joining, and leaving, your call at all times.

One of the strongest benefits of this technology is that it's interactive!  Yes, you can open your conference up and allow participants to ask questions and share thoughts one at a time.  You have complete control of the muting and unmuting of each individual.  In addition, there is a "screening" feature that will enable you screen each person who wants to ask a question, if you choose, which enables you to verify their name as well as identifying the topic they want to address. Then, those callers are put into a queue and you can choose whom you are interested in speaking to in front of your audience.  There is even a live survey/polling feature that can provide you instant results, as your audience "votes" by pressing numbers of their keypad.  For example, "Do you like to have ice cream with your apple pie?  If yes, press #1.  If no, press #2."  You can report the results in a few seconds to your entire conference.  The survey feature can provide valuable data about your audiences' mindset.

Here at Monarch, our clients have the benefit of personal hands-on customer support including full training.  We look forward to serving you and promise that you'll have the benefit of the most robust technology, combined with superior customer service.

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Telephone Town Hall Service Provides Instant Surveys

Our Telephone Town Hall service is one of our core offerings at at Monarch Broadcast Messaging and we look forward to setting one up for you.  Just give us a call at 888-387-8636 or visit our Town Hall Teleconference page for more info.

The service provides many options, but one of the most amazing features is the instant survey.  It's a lot more than just numbers!  Let's say you are speaking to 20,000 members or constituents and you are interested in knowing how they feel about a particular subject.  And let's say you ask them to participate by saying, "I want to know how you feel about apple pie.  Let's take a live survey now and those of you who like apple pie, press #1 on your phone keypad.  If you don't like apple pie, please press #2 on your keypad.  Please vote now."  All of a sudden thousands of people are voting on the question and you can begin seeing the live results as they are compiled in real time.

But here's the amazing part...  After the telephone town hall meeting, you can receive a detailed report.  Depending on the completeness of the phone list you used to place the calls, your report could include the names, phone numbers and addresses of those who voted one way or the other.  In other words, in this example, you can get a complete list of names and addresses of those who like apple pie.  This is an extremely valuable resource for following up and sending information you know these particular people would be interested in receiving.  You can send them all apple pie recipes!

You can imagine the value and usefulness of such data.  Now you can get both a general survey result on the important topics of the day, but on top of that, you can get data that tells you specifically which people voted and how.  This takes polling into "warp drive" by enabling you to target voters with laser precision.  Until now, you might have know how sections of a city, or even a neighborhood, felt about a certain topic.  But now you can narrow it down to households.

This important and critical advancement in polling technology will pave the way for elected officials and organizational and corporate leaders to keep a more exacting ear to the ground and better understand the attitudes and feelings of those they represent.  It's a huge and positive step forward in a representative democracy that prides itself on the knowing the "will of the people."


Telephone Town Hall Teleconference for State and County Officials

Until now, members of Congress seem to have had a monopoly on using the popular telephone town hall service.  But that's all changing now and the technology is finding a home with state and local officials as well, and even non-profit organizations interesting in reaching out to their members.  County supervisors, county executives, state legislators, and city mayors and other elected officials such as city county members, are finding that this service is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to speak directly to their constituencies.

The concept is stunningly simple and brilliant -- a local official can start a town hall meeting from his or her office or home.  The system automatically dials hundreds, or thousands, of phone numbers, inviting people to opt-into the teleconference.  (If they aren't interested in joining, they can just hang up.)  Once an invited person opts-in, they are placed into the conference call and can listen to the official or leader from the comfort of their home.  No scheduling, no event planning, no trying to get people out of their homes to attend a physical town hall setting.  The beauty if that everyone can stay right where they are, and enjoy all the benefits of hearing directly from their elected officials or organizational leaders.  No one has to spend time, energy, gas, or even fight the weather to listen in and/or participate in the virtual town hall meeting by asking questions or taking surveys.

State and county officials have large districts and telephone town hall services can have a significant impact on improving name recognition, and more importantly, voter approval ratings.  Since the service allows you to conduct Question and Answer sessions (in a controlled environment) and conduct surveys at the same time, elected officials have a new way to conduct voter outreach and keep closer tabs on what their constituents are thinking.

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Town Hall TeleConference

Combine the latest voice broadcasting and most robust teleconferencing technology and what do you get?  A Town Hall TeleConference where thousands of people meet on the phone to get the latest political, association or business news while asking and telling officials what's on their minds.  It's the fastest, easiest and more effective way for interested people to participate in a tradition that goes back to the early days of our nation when local decisions where made at the Town Hall and everyone had a chance to chime in with their opinions.  But today, you can participate from the comfort of your home and never have to worry about fighting the traffic or the weather to get to a meeting.  It's done right over the phone in the comfort of your home.  

If you are an elected official, a candidate for public office, or a leader of an association, union or business, who wants to engage your constituents, members or customers, there's no better way to speak directly to them than having a Town Hall TeleConference.  Our service enables you to invite thousands of people instantly, many of whom will be interested in being automatically switched into the conference where they will be able to hear you and ask you questions.  Not to worry, everything is controlled and you can entertain the questions you want from the people you want to hear from.  You can open it wide up or have a call screener.  The choice is yours.  Moreover, you can solicit opinions and having instant surveys and polls.  It's the ideal voter outreach service that keeps you touch.  Click on the link at the top of this page to get more information.