Automated Phone System Software:  How to Send Messages to 1000s in Minutes

Our automated phone system software will take care of sending out 1,000s of calls for you in minutes!

When you first look in to sending automated message to your customers, clients or any other audience you choose, you will find software programs that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.

We host an entirely web-based way to send out your calls for you.  There are many uses for our software.

Send Out Emergency Notifications

A voice broadcasting system is a great way to contact many people immediately during an emergency situation.

From entire towns, to school systems to individual schools, having a robust notification system is essential. This type of system will allow you to send messages to all of your recipients within minutes. It can be used to warn your residents of an impending storm, give them direction if you need to evacuate, and even keep in contact directly with your emergency personnel.

With an increase in the number of unplanned school emergencies due to threats and other events, this system can be used to send out a specific message to different recipients. You can tell staff what to do in response to an event, inform students as to what they should do and let parents know exactly what is happening and where to get their children.

Create Surveys and Gather Feedback

One common use for automated phone system software is to gather feedback from your recipients with surveys.

As an example, a carpet cleaning service can send an automated survey to previous customers, to learn how they can improve their services.

People are inundated with emails from businesses. You can get in touch with them directly by setting up an automated survey. Customers love how easy it is to quickly press buttons on their phones to answer questions about services they received.

By sending these surveys using your business phone number as the caller ID, your customers will see they are receiving a call from you and want to answer. Letting them know you are following up to improve your customer service will endear your business to them and set yourself apart.

Send Appointment Reminders and Updates

Most small medical and dental offices have an employee spend hours daily making calls to remind patients of their upcoming appointments. This is labor intensive and a big expense most businesses never bother to calculate.

However, this is now becoming a common use for voice broadcasting among medical professionals and dentists, as well as service companies like lawn mowing, landscaping, plumbing, and home improvement companies. You can send a message both before the appointment to remind a client or customer about the upcoming appointment and follow up with a survey afterwards.


Make Corporate Announcements

Voice broadcasting is an efficient way to send corporate announcements, particularly when paired with other methods of communication, such as internal memos, emails, and text messages.

Using all of these methods ensures that companies are able to communicate important announcements to all of their employees simultaneously.

Send Out Promotions and Special Deals

Automated calls can be used to broadcast information about your company to current opted-in customers, and to provide them with coupons, special discounts, and other deals that may make them more likely to do business with you.

Putting limits on the time-frame to use these coupons is also shown to be very effective. When people receive an automated message stating there is a limited-time deal, they will feel motivated to take action.

How Our System Works

We help you every step of the way. You begin by contacting us to open an account.

As soon as we’ve provisioned your account, generally within a few minutes, you can begin to either upload your spreadsheet of phone numbers, or manually enter each individual contact you wish to call.

You can then begin constructing your message. We will help you with any questions you have regarding how to craft the perfect message.

Recording your message is a simple procedure. You can record your message by dialing into our automated recording line, which will place the recording into your account automatically.  Or if you already have a recording on your computer, you can upload it into your account.

Next, you decide when to send out your message. The time and day of the week can make a big difference as to how many people you are able to reach. This will be greatly influenced by your audience and the intention of your message. However, you will have the flexibility to send them out whenever it is best.

You have the ability to set your broadcast to “retry” numbers at specific time intervals, if there was no answer or a busy signal previously.

As soon as your message is ready to go and you have decided when to send it out, our system takes over.

We deliver your message using our top rated software. We ensure your message comes across as clearly as if you were sitting in front of your recipients.

Our automated phone system software sends out your messages in mere minutes.

Upon completion, you can log into your account and see exactly which numbers were dialed successfully.

Why Choose Monarch?

We know you have many options to choose from when picking the system to deliver your message. Unlike our competition, we value perfection first. We care about the success of your calling campaign as much as you do. In order to ensure perfection, we walk you through every step of the way and provide you with as much feedback and help as you want.

From the moment you create an account, we are here to answer your questions.

Sometimes people call us to request a test message be sent to them, to evaluate the quality of the call.  We are happy to provide that to you, so that you can hear the clarity of our voice broadcasting system.

Call us today at 888-387-8636 to hear first-hand why our clients believe we are the preferred choice for automated phone system software. And best of all? There is no cost to use our software, which is already online and ready to use anytime you want.