Robocall Sample Scripts: How to Send a Powerful and Welcomed Message

Here are some robocall sample scripts.  If you are a candidate, or working for one, you need to be careful in planning and executing your robocall campaign, particular in writing your message and script.  Unfortunately, most campaigns don’t give robocalling much thought until the last minute when everyone is scrambling for phone lists and scripts.  However, if you plan ahead and put some work into your script, your call can turn from a potential negative into a vote generating positive.

What you say and how you say it are important elements in achieving robocall success.  If you’ve been on the receiving end of these kinds of calls, you know they can be intrusive and annoying.  This is especially true if you receive them one after another the day before election.

Remember, that unlike mass media, which sends your message to many people who don’t even vote, robocalling can be focused and targeted to different segments of voters and geographic locations.  Don’t waste an opportunity to create a custom message for those voters that are potentially concerned about a particular topic or issue.  If you want to send one message to senior citizens about taxes and another message to millennials about a new recreation center, it’s easy to do.

Here are some robocall sample scripts you can use to model your message:

Sample Script 1

(to remind people to vote)
“Good morning, this is Ed Smith.  I wanted to remind you about the election next week and express my deep appreciation for all the support you’ve shown me throughout the campaign.  I am very grateful and hope you can join us in our path to victory on election day.  We need to turn this state around, and with your help, we can do just that.  Again, this Ed Smith, your candidate for State Senate, thanking you for your vote and support on election day.”

Sample Script 2

(to remind people to vote)
“Hello, this is Mary Smith, your candidate for State Senate, calling to remind you that Tuesday is election day and the polls are open form 9am to 9 pm.  I respectfully ask for your support and vote on Tuesday to help bring integrity to the capital, and jobs back to our district.  Again, this is Mary Smith.  Thank you for your time and have a great day.”

Sample Script 3

(to respond to last minute attack)

“Good morning.  I’m glad I was able to reach you.  This is Bob Jones, running for State Senate.  Yesterday my opponent came out with a desperate last minute attack.  While I have taken the high road during the campaign, my opponent has tried to drag this contest into the gutter.  Well, I’m not going there and I hope you don’t either.  If he enjoys spreading innuendos and half-truths and enjoys smearing people now, can you imagine what he would be like as your Senator?  This district deserves a Senator who stands for decency and truth.  That’s why I ask you to stand with me on Election Day and say no to those who want to distort the facts.  Again, this is Bob Jones, thanking you for your support and reminding you to exercise your freedom and right to vote.”

Sample Script 4

(to respond to last minute attack)

“Good afternoon.  This is Jennifer Day, your candidate for Assembly.  I wanted to get this important call to you to correct the distortions my opponent is using to confuse the voters. They say it’s wise to believe nothing you hear and only half of what you read.  Well, in this case, that could be an overstatement.  Over the past two days, you can’t believe anything my opponent is saying, and frankly, I really wonder why he thinks it is going to help him resort to such misleading tactics.  Voters don’t usually fall for these acts of desperation.  You can find true facts at my campaign website and hope you check them out.  Meanwhile, we will continue to take the high road and thank you for your ongoing support.  Remember to vote on Tuesday.  Every vote counts.  Again, this is Jennifer Day, candidate for Assembly, thanking you for your time and interest.”

Sample Script 5

(to remind voters of the importance of the election)

“I’m glad I was able to reach you.  This is Bill Bailey, running for City Council.  As the election wraps up, I wanted to reach out to you and remind you how important it is vote on Tuesday.  There is a lot at stake and our voices must be heard.  I humbly ask for your vote and promise you that I will devote my energies and mind to the best interests of our community over the next four years.  I will always be available and look forward to personally serving you.  It’s time we work together to make Smallville the best place to live.  Again, this is Bill Bailey calling to thank you for your vote and support.

Those are just a few examples of robocall scripts.  Every campaign is different, with different issues and personalities.  You should be able to adapt quickly to the changing political tides of your own campaign, knowing full well, that we here at Monarch Broadcast stand ready to assist you in designing and executing a robocall strategy that will enhance your chances of victory.

Be Sure to Follow These 3 Rules For a Political Robocall Campaign

1)  Send your calls during the day to leave as many messages on voicemail as possible.

2)  Remember that your recipients will have a short attention span when listening to your message, so keep your script short and sweet in most instances. Otherwise you will lose their interest or they will simply hang up and not hear your complete message.

3)  Be mindful of the tone of your voice and temperament when recording your message.  It should go without saying that your tone should be friendly, approachable and engaging.  Before you record your message, try to find a quiet place to relax for a few minutes.  If you are stressed and worrying about other things, it will be projected in your voice.  If you feel that your voice sounds too gruff or will project negativity in recordings, then consider having a highly respected citizen record a message on your behalf –- your message gets delivered and you have essentially delivered a testimonial as well.

4)  When making your recording, use a good microphone and a quiet room.  If you are recording your message over the phone, be sure to use a landline and not a cell phone to get the highest possible quality.

Providing robocall sample scripts to political candidates is one of our core missions here at Monarch Broadcast Messaging.  If you are interested in conducting a robocall campaign, give us a call at 888-387-8636 and we’ll do our best to help you every step of the way, including helping you write your script or providing you sample scripts.

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