Automated Phone Blast

Automated phone blasts can deliver hundreds or thousands of pre-recorded messages to contacts.  It can happen very quickly and it is a powerful technology that can be used for a number of applications, including emergency or weather alerts, school closings, appointment and meeting reminders, and other time sensitive messages.  This is also called phone broadcasting or voice blast, and best of all, it is not only the fastest way to get critical information out to people, but it is by far the most inexpensive way -- just pennies per call.  So if you are interested in sending important messages to your contact list by phone, our automated phone blast service is just what the doctor ordered.  Give us a call and we can help you every step of the way.  Setting up an account is free and there are no monthly charges -- you only pay for the calls we deliver.  If there are busies or no answers, there is no cost.  And everything is web-based, so you can work the online system from any location whether you're at the office, home or on the road.

Phone Broadcasting: Self Service (DIY) or Full Service

When you begin your phone broadcasting program, you have a choice to make.  You can launch the jobs yourself or you can have us do it for you.  There are advantages to both.  Generally speaking, there is little or no difference in cost.  Here's a quick run down on how each service works:

Self Service (DIY: Do-It-Yourself):
We give you a user name and password, and you log into your online account.  You upload your phone list (don't worry, we give you all the instructions) and recordings, and schedule and launch your jobs yourself.  This is the perfect system for schools, colleges, financial services, and others who want 24/7 access and complete control of their voice blasts.  You don't have to be a technical person to understand it or use it.  We can walk you through everything over the phone and you'll get written step by step instructions as well.

Full Service:
If you would like us to do everything for you, that can be easily arranged.  You just email us your phone list and we'll upload it for you.  Then, you have us call you at your convenience, read your prepared script over the phone, and we'll send your recording at the time you request.  That's the easiest and most convenient way to launch a phone broadcast as you will ever experience.

Give us a call at 888-837-8636 and we'll get you set up so your phone broadcasting service is ready when you are.


Leaving Your Recorded Message on Answering Machines

One of the most amazing pieces of technology involving phone broadcasting is the system's intuitive ability to detect a live answer from an answering machine.  In other words, it can tell (with 90% accuracy) when a live person answers the phone versus when a recorded greeting answers.  The system can be set to delivery a message to a live person only, an answering machine only, or to both.  When the system hears a recorded greeting it will wait for the beep to begin delivering your message.  And of course, your contact will hear it when they play their messages.

So either way, you're covered and are achieving the greatest level of deliverability.  It's one more reason why telephone broadcasting, or what many people call voice blast services, is becoming a preferred method of sending out important news and alerts.  Unlike sending a letter or postcard, it can be delivered in seconds, not days -- and it costs a fraction of a stamp.  In fact, every time postage goes up, our business goes up!  Thank you, Post Office!


Sending Pre-Recorded Messages Over the Phone

Phone or voice broadcasting goes by many names -- voice blast, robo calls, automated phone calls -- but it all boils down the same thing.  It's a way to send pre-recording phone messages and notifications over the phone to hundreds or thousands of people at once.  Yes, there are a number of bells and whistles you can get, but the bottom line is getting your phone notifications out to as many people in the shortest amount of time.  So, call it whatever you want -- we know what you're talking about -- and you can use our service with complete confidence. 

Click on the Phone Broadcasting link at the top of the page to learn more about how our online system can save you time and money communicating with your members, students, parents, customers or constituencies.

Faster and Less Expensive than a Postcard

What are the biggest advantages of the latest voice broadcasting technology?  Two words:  Fast and Cheap!  I can hardly keep track of postage rates, but I think it costs 23 cents to send a post card these days.  And then say it take 3 days to reach its destination.  Not to mention buying the cards, the labels, and the time it takes to process.

But voice broadcasting is MUCH different.  It's also known as voice blast, automated phone calls, robo calls, etc.  For a fraction of the price, you can now send information to THOUSANDS of contacts simultaneously!  Why spend days trying to reach people, when you can reach them all in minutes?  And if they aren't home, the systems can automatically detect answering machines and leave messages for them to listen to at their convenience.  For the right applications, sending pre-recorded messages over the phone is your fastest and least expensive way to get the word out!